11 Most Expensive Pets In The World

While growing up, I always wanted a pet. I would nag my parents day in and day out to get me a pet. I promised I would always take care of it and clean after it. They thought about it, and they got me a dog. I can barely remember the breed, but I know it was a beautiful dog. I bet that is the reason why I lost it while at the playing ground. Someone could not resist her charms and her beauty.

Today I am thinking about pets, and I started wondering how much my dog, Tee, cost. I bet it was not as expensive as some of these pets. The following pets are some of the most expensive pets we have in the world today. They are ranked according to their beauty.

11. Lavender Albino Ball Python

Most Expensive Pets

This is a weird pet. I know most people think the same as me, but they are just not saying it. Since I have the platform to speak my thoughts, I will just put it across that having a python for a pet is not what I will ever consider. The nightmares I may have in just one night are not worth it. Why would I pay approximately $40,000 for a snake that will give me nightmares and make me uneasy every day? No way! Yes, I have seen far much worse snakes, and to a small extent, it is relieving to see a ‘beautiful’ snake. However, its beauty does not make it anything else other than a snake. Also, note that this is one of the most costly snakes we have in the world today.

10. Chimpanzees

Most Expensive Pets

I look at these animals, and I question the sanity of the person who thought of the evolution theory. Have you seen these animals? There is no way human beings came from them. That is why they qualify to be pets because humans are far more superior to them. Even so, that is a topic for another day. Having a chimpanzee around can be quite fun because of the many characters that are almost similar to that of humans. For this reason, they can offer you a great company as a pet. Chimpanzees are considered to be the most intelligent animals in the world. Therefore, you will not have many troubles training them. To get yourself a chimp, you need around $60,000.

9. Ram

Most Expensive Pets

Yes, you heard it right. It is a ram we are talking about. I am sure questions are running through your mind wondering who would spend money on buying a ram to keep as a pet. Apparently, many people would. Even so, I would still prefer the white lion cubs or white Bengal tiger. However, it is not a place for me to judge. A ram can cost you up to $352,000.

8. Palm Cockatoo

Most Expensive Pets

Many people know this bird as the Goliath Cockatoo, and it is a gorgeous bird. It has an excellent crest and amazingly long and curved beak. This bird is black in color with a fine touch of red patches on the cheeks. These patches will often change color when this bird gets excited, and this is very interesting. They are an exotic pet, and many celebrities love it. It costs about $16,000.

7. Hyacinth Macaw

Most Expensive Pets

The Hyacinth Macaw is an exquisite parrot with beautifully colored blue feathers. It also has some yellow patches that perfectly compliment the blue color. It is known as the longest parrot we have today. It is also said to be endangered because of the booming pet business. This parrot has some exquisite features and to top that up with the fact that they are rare, you will get to spend up to $20,000 on this pet.

6. Savannah Cats

Most Expensive Pets

This breed of cats is the most expensive we have in the world today. This cat is a hybrid and has the features of numerous cat breeds. It is a friendly cat and also very intelligent. Because of its friendly nature, they get along perfectly well with dogs. Therefore, you will not be resolving pet fights now and then. To get a Savannah cat, you need at least $25,000. Depending on the breed of the Savannah cat, the price will either go up or down.

5. The German Shepherd dog

Most Expensive Pets

I bet you have grown up hearing about this exquisite breed of dogs. One thing that is certain is that Tee was not of this breed. This dog is proving to be more beautiful than my pretty Tee. As much as they are tough and heavy, no one can deny their beauty. Having this dog as a pet means you will have a two in one packaged dog. It will offer you maximum security as well as the love and care you may need especially if you are disabled. A German Shephard comes at a price of approximately $30,000.

4. Arabian Horse

Most Expensive Pets

This horse can be described as majestic. It is one of the most gorgeous and glorious horses in the world today. If they were not, they would not cost as much as they do. They have a long and amazing tail with beautifully structured bodies. They have high levels of endurance, and their speed is also fascinating. At just $100,000, you can get this beautiful Arabian horse and start enjoying horse riding.

3. Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Most Expensive Pets

What most people know about such fishes is that they are for a decorative purpose and that is why they are put in aquariums. However, keeping them as a pet is a wish that many people have never thought of. Even so, they can be kept as pets. You will only need to spend $8,000 per kilogram.

2. White Bengal tigers

Most Expensive Pets

I know many people do not think about keeping tigers as pets, but one look at a white Bengal Tiger and you will fall in love with them. The white fur with black stripes is eye-catching, and you will be staring for a very long time. The white Bengal tiger is an endangered species because of keeping them as pets. But seriously, looking at them will make you forget all this and just buy it to keep at home as a pet. They are glorious to look at, and they cost around $100,000.

1. White lion cubs

Most Expensive Pets

The white lion cubs are a rare species of lions to walk on the earth. They are so adorable that you cannot help it but love them. The only reason why most people keep this breed of lions as pets is just to show off how rich they are. Even so, who would blame them? For such beautiful animals, I am sure I could spend almost $140,000 if I had money to throw around.

These are some of the most expensive pets we have in the world. It may cost you a fortune, but you can have the best times of your life with these pets. All that matters is whether or not you think they are worth it. If you ask me, most of them are worth every cent you can spare.


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