Top 10 Most Expensive Quad Bikes In The World

Taking a quad bike ride is one of the most fun activities one can ever participate in. That is why the number of people that love quad bikes keeps increasing by the day. With this kind of activity comes the adrenaline rush that will make you more than excited. Even so, this is not such a bad thing. It is just on one of the things that you can remember you did when you grow old.

There are numerous makes of the quad bikes, and they all come with different designs and features. That is why there are those that are perfect and those that fall a little lower on the perfection line. Even so, it is certain that these quad bikes are perfect for you. All you have to do is go over the choices and make your pick today. Soon enough you will be hitting the road and having the time of your life with your squad. Checkout the top 10 Most Expensive Quad Bike In The World in 2018.

10. Can-AM Renegade 1000 X XC

Most expensive quad bikes

This quad bike will cost you a sum of $13,549, but it is worth the price. When it comes to all the BRP Renegades bikes, it is the most expensive. This quad bike has a skid plate made from aluminum making it very safe, RC2 piggyback shockers, bead lock wheels that are 12 inches, power steering that is tri-mode dynamic, and so much more. The color combination is amazing, and it gives it a personality.

9. Ranger Crew 800 pursuit camo

Most expensive quad bikes

This ranger crew 800 pursuit camo is one of the most expensive Polaris models. This quad bike has four strokes twin cylinder engine that measures 760 cc. it also has one of the most unique steering which is electronic powered. This quad bike has a bum box that is expanded and has a capacity of 1000 Ibs, a rear suspension that is independent, and a ground clearance level that is very high. The cost for this quad bike is $14,199.

8. Can-AM Outlander 1000 xmr Camouflage

Most expensive quad bikes

This bike is lovely and very attractive. The blend of the colors is perfect for camouflage. It is definitely a powerful bike without arguing over that fact. The features that make this quad bike a wonder include a Fox Air Assist HPG shocks, silver black tires that are Gorilla Axle, it has a long chassis, a steering wheel that features a triple way dynamics, and a powerful 82 HP engine. All these features make it worth the price tag of around $14,899.

7. Can-AM Outlander Max 1000 limited

Most expensive quad bikes

One look at this bike and you will be hooked. It is a huge bike and this gives it superiority over many bikes listed here. It also offers a rider a lot of comfort while riding. The Max 1000 is a limited model has amazing features that make it extremely powerful. It has a powerful engine that features 82 HP Rotax 1000 V-twin. It also has a Garmin GPS system in place, a gauge that has digital features and analogue ones, a visco-lok, power steering that features triple mode dynamic, convertible seats, and so much more. This is my favorite quad bike so far. This bike costs $15,249 only.

6. Polaris RZR XP 4 900 LE

Most expensive quad bikes

This bike is a great choice for any biker at any given time. It is uniquely structured and has some amazing features. These features include 951 CC 4 Valve W/EFI engine, an aluminum bumper, twin SOHC 4 stroke, a rear cargo that is rugged and much more. This bike is manufactured in Minnesota, and it is lovely, to say the least. This bike costs $19,599.

5. Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 1000

Most expensive quad bikes

This is a perfect quad bike for anyone to purchase and any proud owner of this bike has never regretted buying it. It has a twin SOHC 4 stroke, an aluminum bumper, handhold for passengers, a rear cargo, a longer wheel base, and more. In as much as it has some features that are similar with the Polaris mentioned above, it weighs a lot more than it. This bike also costs $19,599

4. Commander 1000 limited

Most expensive quad bikes

I look at this quad bike and I see a beast that can devour every other bike in a competition. It has a perfect body that will give that extra shield and protection. It has amazing FOX HPG piggyback shocks, two roofs that can alternate, a GPS, steering that is of dynamic power, wheels with aluminum cast, four speakers, and much more. All these features make this quad bike rank at position 4 with a price tag of $20,999.

3. Polaris RZR XP 900 H.O Jagged X Edition

Most expensive quad bikes

Looking at the way this quad bike was designed, you will see a level of excellence in its designing and implementation process. The attributes of this bike are spectacular. It has a ProStar 900 engine, bead lock wheels, PRP seats, Walker Evans shock system, amazing chassis, SLP exhaust, and so much more. The blue color is always a perfect choice. This quad bike is perfect for the road.

2. Can-AM Maverick MAX X Rs Turbo

Most expensive quad bikes

This bike costs approximately $26,599 but compared to our most expensive bike, it is relatively cheap. It is a bike that has some great features that make it worth every dime. The engine has a turbo charger that has 131 HP. Its steering is made with triple mode dynamics and the exhaust system is powerful. To top this up it has tires that are 28 inches thick making them safe. When it comes to off-road riding, then this is the perfect bike for you.

1. 250 hp Ferrari powered Wazuma V8 quad bike

Most expensive quad bikes

You will believe the price gap between the second most expensive bike. This Wazuma V8F will costs quad bike lovers a whopping $261,000. This is an insane price if you ask me and I do not see reasons why someone would buy this bike. But what do I know? The speed of this bike is a little under 320km/h and has a roof that will give you extra protection from elements. This bike has a gorgeous finish and a perfect design.

All these quad bikes are worth every dime you can spare. They are beautiful and with great features. Their designs are excellently implemented giving you perfect finish and exquisite look that will make you love them. I know most every lover of quad bikes would wish to own the 250 HP Ferrari powered Wazuma V8 quad bike but even so, the others are equally as amazing. What counts is the experience that you will have with these bikes, and I am sure it will be ecstatic.


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