12 Most Expensive Substances In The World 2019

I have lived with the mentality that one of the most expensive substances in the world is gold. How wrong was I? On a scale of one to ten, I will give myself a ten. I know many others are like me. When they hear that something is made of gold, their mouths fall wide open because they imagine the price of that thing could be more expensive. They always seem to forget that even diamonds are more costly.

This list will show you some of the most expensive substances in the world in 2019. I bet there are some that you did not even know about. Well, today is your lucky day. You will get to know all about them.

12. Heroine

Most Expensive Substances 2019

The heroine is a drug substance that many people abuse all over the world. It is used to alter a person’s subconscious, and when overused one can end up in a coma or start to convulse. This opiate is either injected, snorted, smoked by some. When you get high-quality heroine, you can spend up to $110 for a gram.

11. Methamphetamine

Most Expensive Substances

This is yet another expensive drug substance that many teenagers abuse in most parts of the world. Is most parties, you may never miss this substance. This drug is very addictive because it can catapult one to a level of euphoria and people love this state. Getting this drug may cost you approximately $120 for a gram.

10. Cocaine

Most Expensive Substances

This is a drug that is very popular and cuts across all genders. It is very addictive, and I know that most of us are familiar with it. To get a gram of cocaine, you will have to part with up to a maximum of $600. It can cost you less than this, but it depends on the quality. Avoid this substance because you will risk serious brain damages in the future should you fail to listen to me.

9. LSD

Most Expensive Substances

This is an illegal drug that was synthesized by Albert Hoffman in the 60s. It is illegal in our current times and the reason why it grew so popular in those times is that it causes hallucinations. This drug is extremely expensive and very difficult to find. If anyone has the luck to find this drug, they will have to part with around $3,000.

8. Plutonium

Most Expensive Substances

Plutonium will cost you a rough estimate of around $4,000 which is no joke. However, it has numerous advantages and especially for the military forces. Since it is a radioactive element, it can be used to make nuclear reactors that can be used in war.

7. Soliris

Most Expensive Substances

Soliris is a drug that has some very excellent medicinal properties. As it stands, it is considered the most expensive medication in the entire world. Even so, it is worth every penny because it gives life to those on their death beds. Soliris treats a very rare condition that is life threatening. This condition will typically destroy the red blood cells at a very fast rate that the normal rate. We all know that the red blood cells help a lot in oxygen transportation, right? For you to be treated by Soliris, you have to part with around $5,000 for a 30ml vial.

6. Painite

Most Expensive Substances 2019

I know the chances that you have ever heard of this mineral are as low as the ground. I do not blame you because I also had no clue about its existence. Even so, now is the chance. It is a mineral that was discovered about 65 years ago. It bears a reddish-brown color, and some may describe it as an orange mineral. Currently, there are less than a thousand Painite minerals. If you happen to find any, you will part with a total of approximately $9,000 for just a gram of it.

5. Taaffeite

Most Expensive Substances

Taaffeite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It is a million times difficult to find this gem than to find a diamond. That is how rare it is. It is a beautiful gem and very durable. It can be a great stone to accessories jewelry. For you to lay your hands on this stone, kindly carry around $20,000 with you. Please note that the amount mentioned will earn you only a gram.

4. Tritium

Most Expensive Substances

Tritium is a rare substance, and it is a radioactive isotope with its origin being linked to hydrogen. It has illuminating properties, and it is used in making self-illuminating products like EXIT signs and even clock faces. Being a radio-active isotope, it can also be used to make nuclear weapons. Tritium costs approximately $30,000 per gram.

3. Diamonds

Most Expensive Substances

Diamonds would never miss this list. Not when it is a girl’s best friend. All ladies out there need to know how costly that diamond on that jewelry is. This way, they will not be complaining about prices of jewelry. To get a gram of diamonds, one has to pay up to $55,000. Diamonds are indeed one of the precious stones that are here to stay with us. There is no getting rid of these stones anytime soon. Getting rid of them will require getting rid of women, and that cannot happen.

2. Californium

Most Expensive Substances

This is a substance that is extremely rare and is lab produced by some of the best nuclear scientists. This substance is radioactive and is primarily used in nuclear applications. It is extremely dangerous because it is capable of poisoning you with the gamma radiations it produces. To purchase this substance, you will need between $25 million and $27 million.

1. Antimatter

Most Expensive Substances 2019

This is a very rare substance. It is the opposite of normal matter. For example, if you have a proton that has a positive charge, its antiproton (antimatter) will be negatively charged. It is not easy to produce antimatter and making one gram of it could take years. On a brighter side is the fact that when a matter and its antimatter collide, they will both be destroyed, but the resulting product will be massive energy production. What we are looking at is its ability to fuel a spacecraft which is an awesome thing.

All these substances are the most expensive one we have. Other substances also qualify to be called expensive, but these are by far the most costly. They all serve their purposes. Some are drugs used for parties. Others are used in nuclear applications, while some are used to make jewelry. Whatever their uses are, it is vital that we understand they do not come cheap. For all reasons mentioned, people find them worth their money.


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