Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In The World 2019

The fee is always a major concern when it comes to getting right and quality education. In the current scenario, education is extremely important for one and all. One of the most common sayings is” A man without education, is a bird without wings”. Therefore getting the best education is necessary to keep up the pace in the world which is changing with the passage of every minute. Getting school education is different than what students are taught in a university. Actually, not everyone is lucky to get a university education. However, a lot of students struggle a lot to get an entry in a world class university.

Its not just competition that doesn’t let many students become what they want in life, but its education cost too. Although there are some of the world-class universities and educational institutes across the globe, studying over-there needs a lot of money. It may make a hole in the pocket of students. In actual sense quality education is always costly but it’s necessary for the development of any nation. Many factors are responsible for the increase in university fees all over the world. Educational subsidising policies and sheer role and impact of reforms with time are some of the major factors that have enhanced the fee up to a great extent. This article spotlights the top 10 most expensive universities in the world in 2019.

10. Parson school for design

Most Expensive Universities 2019

It is a New York based art and design university known for its most prestigious reputation all over the world. Studying a bachelor’s course here will cost you around $58,000 per year. Funds, hostel, and other miscellaneous charges are excluded from this fee. This university was once called as Chase School and was established in the year 1896. It becomes a center for Social Research in the US during the year 1970. The fee charged here is very high as compared to what students pay for studying similar courses across the globe.

9. University of Chicago

Most Expensive Universities

This university was founded in the year 1890 and since then, it has secured a great reputation among students. However, it’s also one among the most expensive universities across the globe. The average cost of studying here is around 3 times when compared to similar courses at other educational arenas. The university offers a lot of courses and the overall fee is increasing since past few years. Although there are scholarships, they are limited and only deserving students and those with good track record in education are able to get it.

8. Johns Hopkins University

Most Expensive Universities

The name of this university is based on a famous entrepreneur John Hopkins. It was established in the year 1876 and John Hopkins left around $8 million for its establishment. Although it’s a nonprofit private university engaged in research work, the education here is quite expensive. The factors that make it expensive is they spend a very large sum of money on conducting research in fields such as engineering, medical research, General Science and History for around 3 decades. If you have plans to study here, you need to pay a fee which would be more than double if compared with other universities.

7. Dartmouth Mouth

Most Expensive Universities

It has been recognised as a very expensive university for getting the education. You need to pay money which is very high. In addition to just tuition fee, you have to pay development funds and other miscellaneous charges. However, as far as quality is concerned, you will find some of the highly experienced professors in this educational arena. It is one of those universities which are a part of Ivy League in the US. The average cost of studying a bachelor degree here is around $59,000.

6. Claremont McKenna College

Most Expensive Universities

It is another popular educational institute in the US where you need to pay a lot of money. Actually, it is known as one of the most expensive institutes for arts studies. You may have no idea but arts courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s level are around 3 times expensive than other colleges of the world. As far as the matter of scholarships is concerned, they are very limited and it’s hard to get them. Before you study here, it is advised to go through the fee structure to know what exactly you need to pay.

5. Imperial College London

Most Expensive Universities 2019

Recognized as one of the best colleges for quality education in the World, Imperial College London is also the institute where most of the courses are expensive. They have recently hiked the fee and for some undergraduate programs, you need to pay around 28,000 pounds every year. This educational institute is although expensive, but it often looks for best students who can contribute to research and business development strategies. Such students are often given relaxation and scholarships.

4. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Most Expensive Universities

ETH Zurich, which is its common name is popular all over the Europe for high education. The average cost of some Bachelor courses here is around $48,000 which is obviously very high. Some International students with a good track record are allowed to pay a similar fee as home students pay. There are even scholarships available for meritorious students. Living cost in Swiss is also high and therefore you need to arrange a lot of money for being a student of this university. You can check out more useful information on the official website of ETH Zurich.

3. The University of New South Wales, Australia

Most Expensive Universities

It is a research-based university in Australia where a very large number of applications reaching every year for admission. It is said that students only with high-income families applies here for admission. The reason is obvious and i.e. it’s comparatively costly than other educational institutes. The fee for International students is more than Inland students as per Australian educational policies. The living cost in Sydney for students is also increasing day by day.

2. University of Buckingham, UK

Most Expensive Universities

This is another most expensive University of the world where tuition fee is very high. If some education experts are to be believed, the reason for costly education is this university doesn’t receive any government aid. The average fee for Bachelor courses is around $ 61,000 and a few more for Master’s level. The University of Buckingham is known in Europe for best educational policies and strategies.

1. New York University

Most Expensive Universities 2019

New York is a very expensive city to live in the world. It is also home to some of the best universities for quality education including the well-recognized New York University. It is believed to be one of the very expensive educational institutes. Fee for some courses is almost double than other universities. Being an expensive university, it is also an arena with best students exchange programs. A lot of talent is generated here every year and students always have opportunities to work with some of the best organizations in the world.

This is the list of most expensive universities in the world in 2019. It must be noted that the exact fee to study in these universities depends on the course you choose and its duration. Both primary and secondary education is provided free in most parts of the world by the concerned schools. There are even debates across the world that whether university education should also be made free for students or not. Although education is becoming more and more expensive in every part of the world, there are some policies changing which can overcome this issue.

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  1. As far as I know Sarah Laurence College in New York is one of the most expensive among of them I didn’t see here?

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