9 Most Expensive Vodka Brands In The World 2019

Some people have been blessed with wealth and most of the time they always seek after the finer things in life. This is good because they are placing their money where their mouth is. However, how much are they willing to spend on a bottle of vodka simply because it has a fancy bottle? These are some most expensive vodka brands of 2019 that will make you rethink liquor.

9. Stoli Elit the Himalayan Edition

Most expensive vodka brands 2019

This vodka is priced at $3,000. In case you are wondering what makes it so special, here is your answer. The water used to make it is obtained from reservoirs of the Himalayan Mountain found underground. It is also made using winter wheat that grows in Russia. The glass bottle that holds the liquor in hand gusted and has ice picks that are gilded. All this should convince you of this vodka. If it does not, buy you something nice and stay at home.

8. Lordanov vodka

Most expensive vodka brands

This Vodka comes at a price of $3,905, but you can be sure it is worth the price; well, at least to the people who love it. Lordanov came up with this vodka in celebration of the history of alcohol in the world. The bottle that holds the vodka is way beyond sophistication. The water used to make this vodka is collected from the Northern Europe and maybe that counts. This Vodka bottle is adorned with 8300 crystals that give it that magnificent finish. Did I mention that it is hand designed? Now you know why the price is what it is.

7. Oval Swarovski crystal vodka

Most expensive vodka brands

Swarovski did a great job on this one. Oval is indeed very rare vodka that comes at a price of $6,999. You can get this vodka in all the night clubs that qualify to be called cool, classy, and exquisite. If you see the shine on this bottle, you will fall in love with it. However, the price may just burst your bubble. The idea to take a photo of this vodka on an LDC was a genius. It just makes you attracted to it instantly. Well, maybe, just maybe, you should put away some $7,000 and enjoy this vodka.

6. Belver bears Belvedere vodka

Most expensive vodka brands

This vodka comes at a price of $7,200. This vodka was mainly available in Paris, Cannes, and St. Tropez. To safely and adequately sell it, the vodka was made available in the VIP rooms, and this was a great strategy. People in common are less likely to spend all this money on liquor simply because it comes in a fancy and stylish bottle with a bear’s shape. Though I have to admit it, this bottle is extremely gorgeous. I have a feeling that most women fall victims of this beautifully crafted bear-bottle. It is sassy and classy.

5. Imperial Collection Vodka Faberge eggs

Most expensive vodka brands 2019

This vodka is a Russian brand called the Imperial Collection. The main attraction other than their design is their golden accessories. The vodka carafes are made using high-quality enamel and crystals. It also has gildings made of 24 karats gold. This vodka brand is just extremely exquisite. I am sure we have all know where the high price for this vodka comes from. It is from the carafes. But no worries, the vodka is also exquisite. It is made from wheat and rye that are homegrown.

4. Russo Baltique Vodka

Most expensive vodka brands

This is old vodka made by Russo Baltique, our one, and only automobile manufacturer. This Russo Baltique is an old version of their vodka that comes at a price of $740,000. This price is still shocking, and I know most of us are shocked. There is nothing cheap about Russo Baltique I might say. Anyways, the bottle that holds this vodka is one of its own. The golden finish is simply exquisite, and the top will not miss the Imperial Eagle of Russia.

3. Diva Vodka

Most expensive vodka brands

Well, you have to be a real diva who is living out loud and rolling to even think about this vodka. You can look at the bottle and go crazy about it. Even so, stop right there if your pockets do not run that deep. This Vodka is mostly referred to the kind of women who have their money game on point. This vodka goes through distilling processes that result to a perfected vodka. It is then triple refined through precious stones. This vodka comes with some precious stones as the centerpiece of the bottle that is sure to excite any woman, but there is also a cheaper version that does not come with the glitz and glam. It only costs $3,700. Only a woman with enough shoes, bags, and diamonds can afford to buy this vodka.

2. Russo Baltique

Most expensive vodka brands

Russo Baltique is an automobile manufacturer from Russia, and he is excellent at what he does. I bet that is the reason why we still see the same excellence in his vodka brand. This vodka has a very sleek bottle, and it can communicate class. The flask is exquisite, and it resembles their amazing automobile’s radiator guard that is made of minted coins of gold. The cap of this vodka is made of white and yellow gold and a structure that resembles the Imperial Eagle of Russia encrusted with diamonds. Yes, this vodka bottle is high class. I would like to believe it tastes as good as it looks. I would not know because I have never spent $1.3 million on vodka

1. Billionaire Vodka

Most expensive vodka brands 2019

This vodka goes at a whopping cost of $3.7 million. Yes, you heard it right. I look at that price and all I see a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta. Then I imagine drinking this vodka, and I see them drink down my dream car. Well, at least we know that the price is not so much in the vodka but on the bottle. If it were the drink, I would not advise anyone to spend all that on it if they are going to pee. The bottle is artistically designed, and its beauty can be seen on the 3,000 diamonds and a final touch of faux fur. This vodka is not called Billionaire Vodka for any reason, only the world’s billionaires can drink this vodka and still have money to take a trip all over the world, afford the biggest houses, the best cars, and the best yachts. If you cannot live comfortably after buying this vodka, stay away from it.

Now you have seen it. There are some crazily priced vodka out there in the world that makes you wish you can hit anyone who buys that vodka and they do not own a Ferrari. If one is to indulge in these vodka’s, they better have enough money to sustain their grandkids when they are no more.


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