Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines In The World 2019

Search Engines solve millions of queries every day. They have become the most important part of lives. Whenever we face any problem, only solution which comes to our mind is the search engine. The most popular and famous search engine is Google.

It may be surprising for many people that there are many search engines apart from Google which are also popular. So here we will be discussing about the 10 most popular search engines used in the world in 2019:

10. Yandex:

Most Popular Search Engines 2019

Is a Russian Internet company established in 1997. It is majorly found in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Belarus. Yandex is the major search engine used in Russia. It offers many services like online translator, Yandex Music, Maps, money converter and many other services.

9. WolframAlpha:

Most Popular Search Engines

It’s like an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research and released in 2009. It is an online service which provides answers to the factual queries. It does not provide list of web pages, which is good in terms of precision. But it provides the data based on computational facts, not on social sciences, history and cultural studies.

8. DuckDuckGo: www.duckduck.go

Most Popular Search Engines

It has some great features different from other search engines like it doesn’t contain many ads, it doesn’t track users and provides clean interface. It was established in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. The company has the partnership with Yahoo, Yummly and Bing to provide and generate search results. The company primarily focuses on protecting the privacy of the user. It focuses on providing the best results instead of many results. In 2014, the company launched the latest and redefined version with added features. It was also added by Mozilla Firefox as another option of search engine.

7. Excite:

Most Popular Search Engines

It is an online service which offers variety of features like weather, news and messages. It’s a metasearch engine which also offers web based email services, instant messaging feature, stock quotes and user homepage. This website is owned by Excite Networks in U.S.A but in other parts it is owned by IAC search and Media and operated by Mindspark. It was one of the major website during the late 1900s. offers new facilities like Excite tickets portal, excite freeLane etc. It has recently started a educational portal which enables the users to apply for online courses and different degrees. It features thousands of educational institutes which can be browsed by the students and they can also apply in them for the various courses.

6. Ask.Com:

Most Popular Search Engines 2019

It was earlier known as Ask Jeevas. It was founded in 1995. This website is more like question and answer community. Archive data is used to provide asked information. In case that data is not available in their archives then third-party search engines are used to provide the information. It does provide the information but not accurate and reliable as Google and Yahoo.

5. AOL:

Most Popular Search Engines holds approximately 1% of the market share. AOL has been acquired by Verizon Communication for $4.4 billion. It is an American multimedia corporation based in New York. It was founded in 1983 and is among the early pioneers in the internet world. The company has made some agreements with Microsoft and has acquired few tech properties like Kanvas and Millennial Media. It offers great advertising services to its clients and users.

4. Baidu:

Most Popular Search Engines

Is a Chinese search engine founded in 2000. It is among the largest companies in the world. Baidu means “A hundred times” so just like its meaning it provides the information for unlimited no. of times. It offers audio files, videos, images and other useful information to its users. It is the first search engine to offer WAP and PDA based mobile search results. It is also very much similar to Wikipedia but only registered users can edit the information in Baidu unlike Wikipedia. It has more than 56% of market share in China. It is the first Chinese company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 Index.

3. Yahoo:

Most Popular Search Engines

Is another popular search engine used by many people across the world. It was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in California, U.S. Its world acclaimed web portal offering numerous services like Yahoo mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Online mapping, videos, directory and social media website. Though Yahoo is also not able to compete with Google but it gives tough competition to Bing and other search engines. Yahoo has almost 8% of the market share. It is one of the most popular sites used in the U.S. As per the latest surveys, more than 700 million people per month visit its website.

2. Bing:

Most Popular Search Engines

Is a search engine developed by Microsoft. It is the default search engine which comes with Microsoft’s web browser. It comes in 40 languages. The company is continuously trying to improve its services and compete with Google. But unfortunately it does not come closer to the success of Google. Bing provides web information, images, photographs, video and maps as your search result. It is the second largest search engine in U.S.

1. Google:

Most Popular Search Engines 2019

The most popular, famous and most acclaimed search engine used in the world by the majority of the population is Google. It is an American company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. Almost 70% of the world population uses Google. As per the reports of Alexa, web traffic monitoring company, Google is the most visited, used and loved website by the world. The company is working continuously to improve their services. It provides the best and accurate information to its end users.

It comes as a surprise for many people that there are many search engines apart from Google. Other search engines are also popular but they are nowhere close to the popularity of Google. But with the help of this article we came to known about other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and many others. We have discussed about 10 search engines but there are many other search engines used across the world. In the future, we can expect many more search engines to come and rule the market. It will be interesting to see that will there be any search engines which can overpower the success of Google.


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