Top 10 Most Powerful Kids In The World 2019

Some people have to struggle a lot throughout their life for their living and continuing life journey. Whereas there are some people born lucky and in their kid’s age they attain some special powers. There are some significant criteria to focus on for while categorising powerful kids of present time. Criteria like person’s span of influence, prospective for obtaining future power, and assessed net worth are important to categorise a kid as powerful or not.

The ranking are depended on these criteria as in reality only such criteria help to determine whether a kid is lucky or not. There are some powerful kids in the world in 2019 and below list lets you explain the same in simple way:

10. Phoebe Adele Gates

Most Powerful Kids 2019

This powerful kid is known to be the daughter of richest person of world- Melinda Gates and Bill Gates. You will get surprised when you know about aspects that makes this girl child powerful from Gates family. She is regarded as the youngest daughter of the wealthiest person of world and she will get her hands on a stated $10 million in form of inheritance. As her father has stated he will provide a private sum to each of his three kids and would donate the remaining amount to charity. It is known that Phoebe stays along with her parents in father’s home, a luxurious property which is supposed to be more than $120 Million in worth.

9. Quvenzhané Wallis

Most Powerful Kids

This powerful kid is presently 14-years-old famous American child actress as well as singer. She is powerful as at the early age of 9 years, Wallis turned out to be the youngest actress to receive a nomination for the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Moreover, she is acknowledged for her role played as Hushpuppy in the drama film released in year 2012 entitled as Beasts of the Southern Wild. For this, Wallis became the freshest actress to receive a nomination for the prestigious award ever. Also, she is the first kid of the 21st century nominated for an acting Oscar award.

8. Kelly Xu

Most Powerful Kids

This nine-years-old girl is renowned as powerful as she is the first female champion at Augusta National. She is the first female champion capped at National Golf Club of Augusta ever, hence popular. Moreover, she has attained achievement what several female golfers can just aim to achieve. It is known that this girl received title of the Girls 9-and-under Division in the opening Drive, Chip and Putt Contest received at Augusta National. Besides this, Xu too won the Girls 9-and-under segment in the opening drive at 78th Masters.

7. Leonor, Princess of Asturias

Most Powerful Kids

Presently of age 12 years, this girl is the eldest daughter of parents-Felipe and Letizia, identified as royal Prince and Princess of the country. She is popular as she is second in the track of succession to the Spanish-based power right after her father. As per the 1978 Constitution, she became successor probably upon her father’s agreement in year 2014, seeking the authorised title of Princess of the country as well as the ancient titles of Princess of Viana, Princess of Girona, Countess of Cervera, Duchess of Montblanc, and Lady of Balaguer. If in case Leonor climbs the throne, she would turn out as Spain’s first queen regnant since time of Isabel II, who ruled from years 1833 to 1868.

6. Evan of EvanTubeHD

Most Powerful Kids 2019

Recognized as one of the maximum-paid youtube stars, this is another greatest powerful kid. There are not many people with over 280 million views on platform of youtube and he is the one among them. Evan is presently 7-years-old responsible behind his channel, which is basically the family friendly youtube channel that has beset up an astounding 443 million views in course of few years. Moreover, Evan is the 20th-highest-paid youtube star, grossing up to an assessed $1.32 million per annum. Discussing abut his profession, Evan assess his favourite toys as well as videogames for entertainment of viewers. Also his father records him, supplements few superior effects and later uploads the final video.

5. Benji Brin

Most Powerful Kids

Benji Brin is stared as the son of the greatest powerful tech couples, i.e. the co-founder of Google named Sergey Brin as well as founder of 23andMe named as Anne Wojcicki. Few google users experience fortunate whereas others are born lucky and Brin is a powerful kid that includes in the latter category. He is the baby boy of the greatest prominent names included in tech field, the cofounder of Google i.e. Sergey Brin and biotech entrepreneur -Anne, and he had a domain name running, few days after he was born. It is known that the parents conceived their first kid before three decades; the young and effective couple planned technological and monetary development from their amalgamation.

4. Alexis Martin

Most Powerful Kids

Alexis Martin, renowned as a child genius belonging from Queen Creek located in Arizona, is regarded as the freshest associate of the Arizona chapter of Mensa. This is a three-year-old kid who has turned out as one of the freshest persons to ever be approved into the high-class high IQ society Mensa. Her score are considered as the maximum number of points as it is 160, identical as Stephen Hawking, Nicolaus Copernicus and Albert Einstein. Moreover, Martin recites at a 5th standard level and trained Spanish language by an iPad. Her high level of IQ makes Martin a really powerful girl.

3. Blue Ivy Carter

Most Powerful Kids

This powerful kid of present age 5 years is the daughter of renowned rapper named Jay-Z as well as singer named Beyoncé Knowles. She is powerful as she is the daughter of two mega stars, as well as a world traveller, fashion trendsetter, and recording artist, having performed on Jay Z’s song entitled “Glory” as well as song entitled “Blue” delivered by Queen Bey. Carter’s impending birth was proclaimed at year 2011 music award when her mother was pregnant. It is known that her mother delivered birth to her at Lenox Hill hospital centre located in New York.

2. Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager

Most Powerful Kids

Presently of age 4 years, this powerful kid is regarded as the daughter of renowned parents. Moreover, she is known to be the granddaughter of past President named as George Bush, so she is undoubtedly powerful kid. She collaborates with the Bush clan in method of the first granddaughter, as well as great-granddaughter to two past presidents of Hager. She was born on April 2013 weighing 6 lbs, 15 oz. and noted height at that time of birth was 19 1/4 inches. At her birth, Bush was regarded as the proud grandfather who attained prized occasion to declare birth of Mila right on his facebook page.

1. Prince George of Cambridge

Most Powerful Kids 2019

This royal price of age 4 years is regarded to be the son of prince and princess of of Cambridge. Moreover, this powerful kid is regarded as the grandchild of Charles, acknowledged as Prince of Wales, as well as Diana, acknowledged as Princess of Wales country. It is found that after his father and grandfather, this regal pack of happiness is third in continuation to prosper his great-grandmother named as Empress Elizabeth II. At the occasion of his first birthday, this prince was boarded on his leading royal tour, which is essentially a visit for 19 days to countries like New Zealand and Australia.

Whether it is just to stay away from games or just to stand unique in a crowd, these powerful kids have get the inspiration and ability to crash through world records. They are considered to be born lucky and presently live luxurious life right from their childhood.


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