Top 10 Most Successful Authors 2019

At some point, you seek something to read a piece written that will impact on your life in a certain way or just entertain you. All the pieces that you seek have been written by an author somewhere whose intent was to share ideas with the rest of the world or a certain set category of persons.

Irrespective of the medium used to publish the content whether digital or paper all information has an author behind those inspirational or informative words. While this has been done for centuries, some authors have produced pieces that are just great. Ones that are most sought after all over the world. These are the world’s greatest. To gauge the success of the author, the extent of the audience reached is the main measure which is indicated in the amount of sales managed by the author. Here is a list of top 10 most successful authors of 2019.

10. Danielle Steel

Most Successful Authors Ever 2019

Acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest writers, the works of Danielle steel continue to cause excitement and thirst for more in the modern world. Born as an only child of a Portuguese mother and a German father, she grew with rich historic roots that formed the foundation for her creativity. She schooled in Europe and completed her studies in New York University. In her career as an author, she sold more than half a billion novels. One of her best selling books was the “The Long Road Home” where she features the life of a young girl abused by her mother and her long journey to gain personal independence.

9. Nora Roberts

Most Successful Authors Ever

Ion of the most successful writers, each of Nora Roberts works finds a place among the New York Times listings. Globally, she is acknowledged as one of the best and biggest writers of romance novels. With her novels being sought around the globe, she joins the list of the most successful authors in the world. Despite using different pseudonyms in her publications, lovers of her works never cease to recognise them. All her works feature trilogies and considered as unique with a sense of reach to its own taste that appeals to the audience. Currently in her sixties, she remains one of the most celebrated authors.

8. James Patterson

Most Successful Authors Ever

Having hit over one million copies in sales, James Patterson is one of the best writers the world has ever seen. He is acknowledged to give his audience the best appeal with story lines that feature romance, sex and all sets of emotions. At the age of 63, his books are believed to have been translated into over 40 different languages making them one of the best authors to reach millions across the globe who cross the language barriers. One of his greatest works feature a story of two VIP children by a bright criminal and the great efforts to search and save them.

7. Haruki Murakami

Most Successful Authors Ever

Despite having Japanese roots, Haruki Murakami has crossed the borders and joined the outstanding list of biggest authors. In a field dominated by European and American writers, Haruki developed an own style of writing that digs deep to story telling. Among his greatest works is the 1,600 page epic in which he gives the story of love founded in the rocks. The main characters in the story are from different backgrounds with varying cultures and beliefs they must overcome to get together and fall in love. Another of his great works is the widely read novel titled “A Wild Sheep Chase” through which he developed a close proximity with western writers but maintained his unique style of story telling.

6. Stephen King

Most Successful Authors Ever

With a career spanning over forty years, Stephen King is one of the most read authors in the world. One of his latest productions made it to the top position of the New York Times in 2011. He excites his readers with extensive works that include classic novels, short stories, epics and novellas among others. Readers acclaim his works as always exciting and create the desire to read on. One of his coveted attributes is his ability to express the inner personality of the characters in his books and this makes a closer connection with the reader and better understanding of the story.

5. John Grisham

Most Successful Authors Ever 2019

Growing up in a humble American background, John Grisham first career was in business and law the courses in which he is trained. He made the first steps in writing while working as a lawyer and wrote his first two books. With a great passion for writing, he later went into a full writing career that saw him as one of the most acclaimed authors in the world. Ten of his books have been turned into film with the first being the “The Firm”. After becoming an instant success with his first book turned into film, he has for years delved into full writing producing books almost each year with most of his works featuring life through the corridors of justice.

4. Ken Follett

Most Successful Authors Ever

With experience as a journalist and a publisher, Ken Follett hit the writing career with the required experience and understanding what is best for the fans. His first major success was publishing of the spy thriller novel titled “The Eye of the Needle” which majorly featured experiences of the World War II. His latest production was the “Fall of Giants” that features the life of Europe’s fall after world war I. he is considered a talented author with ability to fuse historical facts with contemporary life to produce an admirable publication.

3. Paulo Coelho

Most Successful Authors Ever

Acclaimed as internationally successful Paulo Coelho is one author who is known to reach into the hearts of his readers. He coins his stories in ways that readers can easily associate with and relate to. They are also designed in a simple to understand language. His greatest success was “The Alchemist” a book that earned a place in the Guinness book of world records as the first to be translated into most world languages. Offering free online download for his books, he has managed to get the widest possible reach for audience. Currently, he runs the Paulo Coelho Institute a non profit making organisation and is also a peace messenger for the United Nations.

2. Agatha Christie

Most Successful Authors Ever

Regarded as the queen of mystery stories, Agatha Christie is one of the oldest authors whose works still remains relevant to this day. It is estimated that her works have so far sold in value of billions of dollars holding the position of the best selling author. Her greatest hit was the 1934 release titled “Murder on the Orient Express”. The novel narrates an ordeal of a fictional detective seeking to uncover the mysterious murder of a traveller in a train stuck on the rails. The task proves to be a difficult one as the killer does not seem to be on the train.

1. Dan Brown

Most Successful Authors Ever 2019

The number one best selling author on the globe is Dan Brown. His works are considered to be ‘page turners’. A reader who gets any of his publications reads continuously to the end. More to this, he is accredited for using an engaging tone on all his works. The characters are simple, the paragraphs and chapters are short and the language is simple. Before venturing into writing industry, he used to teach English and later tried his fate in the music industry as a composer and singer but failed considerably.

Reading is considered as the gateway to knowledge. Millions of books are read every year. The most read books however are those written by great authors. They form a group with potential to make a mark on the world’s population. Among the top 10 most successful authors are writers whose works continue to be most sought after irrespective of the time of production. They have made the highest ever recorded sales over the years and will reign for years.


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