Top Must Watch & Famous Swiss Movies of All Times

Watching movies is one of the most entertaining undertakings to pass free time. It offers an opportunity to refresh the mind and as well learn of other cultures and traditions. For decades a mention of the word movies brought to mind the action styles from Hollywood and other famous production industries.

Unknown to many, Switzerland is one of the countries producing the most entertaining productions in modern times. With the growing need to have all interactive family entertainment, Swiss is leading among other industries to provide families with this desire. These are among a collection of other movies covering a wide range of topics designed to cater for the varying taste of viewers.

10. Journey of Hope

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

The journey of Hope is one of the greatest productions from the Swiss film industry. Produced in 1990, it serves as an indication that Swiss is well versed and equipped top give the world the much required entertainment. It equals in popularity as great productions from Hollywood alongside other houses of production. The production won the Academy Award in 1990. It is based on a story of a young couple seeking to migrate to Switzerland from turkey in search of greener pastures. Filming, editing and production were done in the country making it the second film to be nominated to Oscar awards and resulting in a win. Owing to its popularity, the film has by now been translated to Turkish and Italian.

9. Vitus

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

Winner of the Film of the Year Swiss awards in 2006, Vitus is an incredible piece. It is based on a story of a young boy who is pressured by parent to pursue a career as a pianist against his will. His grandfather however guides him through the path of independence in a way that he is able to craft his own path and be successful. The film is wholly produced in Switzerland and among the reigning productions of this season. Teo Gheorghiu one of the actors featured in the filmed gained popularity from this film to land on the international platform.

8. Ready Steady Charlie!

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

Released in 2004, this is another production that rose to international recognition from Swiss film productions. This is evident from the three nominations the film received despite not performing well in Hollywood circles. The three awards for which the film was nominated include the Undine Award, Swiss Film Awards and Special Jury Prize. Upcoming actors Michael Koch and Melanie Winger are among the featured actors who rose to the hall of fame by taking part in the movie.

7. The Circle

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

The Circle is a film considered to be among the best productions from the industry. It features some of the greatest actors in the industry including Marianne Sagebrecht and Anatole Taubman who are among the main features. It features the story of a teacher who gets into a romantic relationship with a female impersonator. An interesting feature, the film is full of comical twists to keep audience glued to the screen. Released in 2014, the film is still young and likely to climb up the ladder of success with higher popularity. It is important to note the film is not related to the science fiction movie bearing the same title and released in 2016.

6. The boat is Full

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times 2019

One of the oldest and best productions from the Swiss film industry, the Boat is Full was an international hit. It gained nomination for the Oscar’s in the category of the Best International Language Film. With its themes on the war, the film features four Jews who pose as a family seeking refuge with a French couple. The family has to keep their identities secret to maintain their forged approach and as well help hide from the Nazis who were seeking Jews and slaughtering them dead. Produced in 1981, it was highly praised by film critics for the well orchestrated theme of world war 2.

5. Welcome to Switzerland

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

Produced in 2014, it was a production destined for the skies in the international market. It was ideally crafted for international audience with a great pointer to the French. It features the story of a man who comes home to Switzerland to attend a funeral. After he arrived, the man turns and goes on a wild adventure through which he creates a handful of comic scenes. According to film critics, the set of the movie is set to appeal more to the French audience when compared to the Swiss audience which the industry serves. Despite this it remains to be among the greatest productions which have managed to realize over $150,000 in revenues.

4. Les Petite Fugues

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

Les Petire Fugues is considered t be the eye opener of the Swiss film industry. Created as a comedy under directorship of a Swiss film maker Yve Yersin, the film went to international heights as being the first from the industry to premiere at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival and as well gained nomination into academy awards in the category of the best foreign film of the year. It is set on a story line features an old farm worker who seeks to go for retirement and goes for an adventure through his village enjoying his pension. The film gives a clear description of the struggles that alcoholics get to contend with. Giving a clear description of the lives of those living in middle and lower class, critics agree that it is the best description of society.

3. Broken Silence

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

A production from the Swiss film industry, Broken Silence was released in Germany. It was a production by one of the leading directors in the industry Wolfgang Panzer. The storyline features a dedicated monk in the name of Fred Adelphi. He was sent on a mission to Indonesia to a monastery to get a lease extension while still undertaking reawakening exercise. It gives an insightful description of the deceit of human nature and the extent into which it wraps the human life. The movie managed to bag a total of six awards alongside one for its lead actors.

2. Alpine Fire

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

Having won the ‘Golden Leopard Award in 1985,’ Alpine fire’ followed in the list of upcoming Swiss films riding up the ladder of international success. It was also nominated for the academy awards though it failed to clinch the title. Its storyline features a family living on a farm and mixed with traditional settings that appear toxic in modern society. Despite not featuring far in the international market, it was a great hit in Switzerland winning a large audience.

1. The Swiss makers

Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Times

The greatest movie from the Swiss film industry is ‘The Swiss Makers’. During its time in the market is has managed close to 1 million entries in different film charts across the globe. The story in the film is actually a comedy in which there are two foreigners seeking to gain access to Switzerland. In the process, their plan erupts and backfires into a crazy encounter that is presented in a comic setting. It gained popularity necessitating the need for translation to both German and Italian languages. It takes the highest rank among the most popular movies from the Swiss industry.

Despite not being popular, Swiss film industry is the home of a number of internationally reigning movies. An industry that is growing in bounds is also home to some of the international actors who are gaining popularity in modern times. Watching the 10 most popular Swiss movies of all times gives a great experience of an industry with a potential to entertain and grow into one of the worlds leading entertainers.


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