Top 10 Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups In The World 2019

In the recent past, there has been an upsurge in the number of terrorist groups that profess Muslim faith. It is for this reason that at the mention of terrorism, most just think of Muslim extremist. This is not the case all through, there are terrorist groups that are not in any way aligned to Islam. They are equally dangerous and a great threat to the world’s peace.

The list of top 10 non-Islamic terrorist groups aims to educate the reader on the existing non-Muslim extremist and hence desist from branding Muslim as terrorist and as well equip with knowledge on areas around the globe where peace is at threat band hence enable them to take precaution whenever visiting such areas.

10. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC)

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups 2019

An extremist group in Columbia, FARC is believed to have been founded in 1964. It is otherwise referred to as Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionaries De Colombia and is the militant wing of the Columbian Communist Party. With a membership approximated to be around 10,000 the group has been on record as having child solders in its operations. They use landmines alongside other deadly weapons to fight off government agencies and it is believed to have killed over 460 solders and thousands of locals. Despite claiming to represent the poor majority in the country, the group is believed to funds its activities through proceeds from drug trade, ransoms and extortion.

9. Revolutionary Struggle

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

Believed to have been established around 2003, the group concentrates its operations in Greece. They are deemed to carry strong beliefs in anarchy and against globalization. This is evident through their activities where they are held responsible for attacks on banks, government institutions and major and international business establishments. They were also responsible for the attack on American embassy in Athens alongside other foreign establishments. They are believed to be a revolutionary force in Greece.

8. Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

Founded to promote the Basque culture, ETA was founded in 1958. It mainly operates in Spain and France with their main objective being to establish an independent Basqueland. A notorious group, it was responsible for assassination of former president Luis Carrero Blanco. Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and King Juan Carlos have also been targeted by the group for assassination though unsuccessfully. Other than targeting high office holders, the group has over the years been accused of assassination of businesspersons, tourists, judges, politicians and other powerful individuals they deem to be against their struggle. It is for this reason that in recent times, the group has been losing sympathy from supporters.

7. Shining Path/ Sendero Luminoso

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

Established in 1980, the shining path movement was established with intent to overthrow the Peruvian government. Over the years, the movement gained massive support from peasant farmers who believed the existing government was suppressing them. After years of operations, the group turned to its supporters killing thousands of peasants believed to be government supporters. It is estimated that over the years the group has killed over 31,000 civilians in the regions where it runs its operations. Those who opposed their activities were concentrated in labor camps and others massacred. However, in 1992, the group’s leader Abimael Guzman was arrested and this led to a decline in the group’s activities.

6. Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA)

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

A group that broke off from the Irish republican army, RIRA’s main objective was to unite the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The group was responsible for a number of terror attacks that took place in Republic of Ireland and the UK . The main target by the group included the Northern Ireland Police and British Military. Among the major terror attack that the group is held responsible includes the bombing of Omagh in 1998. During the attack, there were 29 casualties and more than 220 injuries. The leaders of this group were arrested in 2001 and this led to a relative calm with the group reducing its prevalence of attacks.

5. Ulster Defense Association (UDA)

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups 2019

With its operations in Northern Ireland, UDA was founded in 1971. The loyalist militant organization was founded with intent of offering protection to Protestants from the Catholics. Founded on religious backgrounds the group never offered any support to other groups claiming for the unity of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The group is responsible for the 1993 massacre on a catholic village known as the ‘massacre of Greysteel’. A ceasefire in 1994 by the group was intended to end the violence but this never happened as the group continued to wreck havoc on the civilians mostly Catholics. Their operations were however grounded after an armed campaigned was launched in 2007.

4. New Peoples Army (NPA)

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

Having been in existence since 1969, NPA operates as the military wing of the country’s communist party. The group justifies its actions as fighting for the poor majority in the country. However, there are numerous incidences where the group is responsible of violence and extortion among the same poor majority. They are held responsible for numerous attacks on police, military, mining fields and government sympathizers. The biggest crime committed by the groups was assassination of Nick Rowe a US Army Colonel involved in Philippine Army’s programs. During the years, the group is perceived to be responsible for the deaths of over 40,000 persons.

3. Aum Shinrikyo

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

Started as a cult movement, Aum Shinrikyo thrived on a combination of beliefs that included Yoga, Christianity and a number of conspiracy theories. Soko Asahara was the founder of the group that he initiated in 1984. Over the years, the group conducted recruitment drives gaining membership of over 40,000 global members and 9,000 in Japan. The recruitment process entailed brainwashing session’s at times using electric shocks. The group came to the limelight after they made an attack in 1995 of Tokyo subway system in what was referred to as the sarin gas attack. During the attack 13 people were killed.

2. Kahane Chai

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups

Started as a political party, the group was founded in 1971 under the Kach party. The party leader was however assassinated in 1991 after which Kahame Chai broke off from the main party. The group was founded with intent to advocated for Jewish supremacy and spreading racism towards Arabs. Over the years, the group is held responsible for numerous attacks including assassination and bombings across the country. In 1994, the group showed open support for Baruch Goldstein a Jew who killed 29 Palestinians. It was at this point that Israeli government banned the party.

1. Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)

Best Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups 2019

One of the biggest non-Islamism terror groups in Africa, the LRA was established in 1987. Its main operations are prevalent in South Sudan, Uganda, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. Though the group’s main objective was to seek for lasting peace and prosperity in Uganda, it is accused of heavily violating human rights in the region. This includes abduction, recruiting child solders and capturing sex slaves among others since 2008, the group is accused of killing more than 2,300 civilians and displaced more than half a million people. Cases of abduction are also estimated at more than 3,000 over the period.

Terrorism continues to be one of the greatest threats to the world’s peace. This is despite efforts by international community to foster peace. The top 10 non-Islamic terrorist groups from across the world are among the leading threats top these efforts. Greater efforts are required to curb the situation and make the world a better place for humankind.


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