10 Most Notorious Female Pirates In History

Though initially piracy was a profession organized by men, by now there have been many females who indulged in this and got supreme success. These females were acknowledged for their cleverness and violence, as well as the ruthless nature in which they manage with their opponents. These are the powerful individuals who established terror even in dominant empires. Once it was a common belief amongst pirates that having females on-board a ship was misfortune. However, that did not stop some daring females from joining as pirates as well as leading groups of pirates. Now have a look at the illegitimate careers of history’s most violent seafaring females recognized as female pirates.

10. Sadie the Goat

Notorious Female Pirates In History

The original name of this notorious female pirate is Sadie Farrel and she was an American-based river pirate who existed during the 19th century. This female pirate devoted her initial days in streets of New York in form of a mugger, and attained the nickname from her training of hitting her opponents. After she lost one ear in a contest with her rival named Gallus, this pirate escaped the country and created a group of robbers who ultimately transformed as pirates. The group toured along one river and stolen farms as well as manors, repeatedly kidnapped people for money. It is known that Sadie came back to New York afterwards and made a treaty with Mag.

9. Queen Teuta of Illyria

Notorious Female Pirates In History 2019

Recognized as the earliest notorious female pirates ever in history, this is another notorious female pirate who was essentially a pirate monarch of Illyria who prevailed around 3rd century BC. The sovereign of Ardiaei community, she proclaimed her sovereignty, confronting Greek and Roman based boats. The Roman people focussed ambassadors to deliberate properly however this lady had one of them slayed throughout the meeting was arranged, causing in a war amongst the two empires. The particular war, which continued from period 229 to 227 BC, offered setback to her. This female pirate was accessible to rule Illyria, however he was deprived of a prospect to sail yet again.

8. Grace O’Malley

Notorious Female Pirates In History

This notorious female pirate is too identified as ‘Granuaile’ and by other names. She basically belonged to Ireland country and took the supremacy of household custom in era of 1560s. She is the one who controlled several raids alongside the shoreline of her native country. It is found that she turned out as an annoyance for the Spanish and British boats and in year 1574, she was detained by the British armies. Moreover, she was controlled for almost 18 months; however she came back to piracy after her discharge. Once again, she was beaten but in a direct request to a monarch, she recovered her taskforce. Additionally, her exploits were mythological—one story asserts that she fought in waters just after a day of giving birth.

7. Jacquotte Delahaye

Notorious Female Pirates In History

Delahaye belonged from Haiti, renowned today as pirate of 17th century. She quickly turned out as a pirate to take care of her mentally challenged brother as her mother passed away after birth of her brother. Moreover, she once falsified her death to discharge the administration and presumed the uniqueness of a man. She came back to active piracy after sometime, receiving a nickname and ruled the Caribbean seawaters. She ruled it in firm of another well-known female pirate however; Delahaye was slayed during a shoot-out to protect an island she had seized.

6. Rachel Wall

Notorious Female Pirates In History

Considered to be the first American-based female to turn out as a pirate, this female pirate was born in 1760. Discussing her personal life, she got married to George and with certain friends they launched the occupation of piracy. The team functioned well as a base, and arrested countless boats as well as killed around 25 sailors. It is found that after her husband as well as team were murdered in a sea accident, this lady came back to Boston region and served as a helper as well as infrequent robber. Rachel was apprehended during a robbery and was suspended in year 1789, and she was noted to be the last lady to be suspended in Massachusetts region.

5. Sayyida al-Hurra

Notorious Female Pirates In History

Recognized as a pirate monarch as well as the friend of the notorious Turkish-based pirate named as Barbarossa, the particular female pirate worked stayed as the leader of Moroccan city named Tetouan. Essentially, this name is a label for an honourable lady and her actual name is still unidentified to world. Monitoring from years 1515 to 1542, Sayyida is a pirate who governed the western region of Mediterranean Sea. She seemingly turned out as a pirate to seek vengeance on the Christian-based monarchs. Afterwards she got married to the monarch of Morocco, but was ultimately defeated by her own son-in-law.

4. Jeanne de Clisson

Notorious Female Pirates In History

This is a brave female pirate in world, it can be acknowledged from her alternative name: the Lioness of Brittany. She transformed as a pirate to seek revenge on the French-based king, after her husband was performed for betrayal. This was the time when she vended every of her possessions and acquainted three warships. She in collaboration with her team terrified the English Station, arresting just French boats as well as slaying majority of their teams. She took retirement from piracy right from year 1356 and afterwards got married to a deputy.

3. Mary Read

Notorious Female Pirates In History 2019

Mary Read belonged to sea pirate clan as her father was himself a sea captain. She was the companion of Anne and was acknowledged for her ability to trick as a male. Mary resided initial years in cover of her dead half-brother named Mark. She also teamed up with the British force, and started relationship with a Flemish based warrior. After his death, she approached the Caribbean in form of a seaman and was apprehended by pirates there as well as she was instated into their team. Afterwards, she met and supported Anne and teamed up with side of Jack. Mary worked so intelligently as pirate that very few people recognized that she was a woman.

2. Anne Bonny

Notorious Female Pirates In History

Anne is a renowned name all over the world not to be elapsed in the history of skilled and experienced female pirates. She was born as the daughter of an Irish lawyer, got married in year 1718 to James, who is essentially a pirate and shifted to Bahamas region. At this place, she was indulged in a love affiliation with the notorious pirate and she got separated from her husband. Later on Anne got married to this lover and turned out as a supporter of his crew. It is known that she dominated the Caribbean seas, teaming up with correspondingly notorious female pirate named as Mary (described above in this list) and apprehending many ships.

1. Ching Shih

Notorious Female Pirates In History

This notorious female pirate is often named as the most impressive female pirate ever in history. She was basically a Chinese-based pirate who reigned across Chinese Sea in time of 19th century. Formerly known as a prostitute, Shih was apprehended by pirates in year 1801 and later got married to the head of the group named as Zheng Yi. The brave lady accepted the regulation of the navy, acquainted as Red Flag Fleet. This was managed after the demise of her husband, and confronted Chinese and British ships. It is found that the Chinese government created a treaty with Shih in year 1810.

Female pirates in the history are no less than a real fighter fighting in an international war. These ladies though became infamous due to their deeds, but they are the ones from which one can seek inspiration for life.


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