Top 10 Most Prestigious Film Festivals In The World 2019

Film festivals are important events for most of the celebrities and even for films. Each film lover looks frontward to film festivals as they identify it is the best place where they will experience movies from different genres, countries, languages, etc. There are many films in Bollywood as well as Hollywood which have not attained appropriate opportunity for promotion.

In this regards, Film festivals alone have offered several films a platform to let themselves make appearance to the audience globally. In absence of such festivals, they otherwise could not have been capable to accomplish it by their own. Get the complete details of the most prestigious film festivals in the world which may celebrities crowd in there by reading below:

10. Raindance Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals 2019

Started by Elliot Grove in year 1992, the prestigious film festival- Raindance film festival is considered as one of the greatest prominent independent film festivals. The festival has its operation running in many cities across the world, like Brussels, London, New York, Budapest, Los Angeles, Berlin, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Moreover, this is one film festival that you hardly afford to miss owing to its excellent presentation. This film festival is acknowledged for screening feature films and particularly short films from different parts of the world. This is the one which continues since many decades and confirms to be a prestigious one in future as well.

9. Venice Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

Observing for the greatest expected event of the year is none another than Venice Film Festival. This festival has a huge audience of the crowd recorded every year, this is the place everyone collects to feel the latest work of art. Recognized as the oldest film festival in the globe, this film festival was started in year 1932. The awards presented by this film festival are Silver Lion, Golden Lion, Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award, Lion of the Future, etc. Certainly, Venice Film Festival is regarded as one of the greatest prestigious and major one in the world.

8. Melbourne International Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

This film festival is recorded as the one which is the largest film festival prevalent in not just Australia, but even in the southern hemisphere. This festival generates massive interests among film lovers hence considered as prestigious. Moreover, it is too regarded as one of the oldest running film festivals of the world, with its foundation traced back to year 1952. It exhibits various prestigious awards as well; few of them are BBC Knowledge Award for Best Documentary Short Film, People’s Choice Award for Best Feature, City of Melbourne Grand Prix for Best Short Film, Holmesglen Award for Best Animation Short Film, etc.

7. Toronto International Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

Out of many, this is regarded as the largest film festival in Canada founded in year 1976. After year 1976, it has been an impressive stage of the acts, entertaining audiences as well. You can perceive that awards such as The Best Canadian Feature Film and People’s Choice are offered to the winners in the festival. It is known that this film festival is organised from Monday till the following 11 days, as well as it has about 40 screens and closely 450,000 people attending every year. Moreover, it was founded by Henk van der Kolk, William Marshall, and Dusty Cohl.

6. Hong Kong International Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

Acknowledged for encouraging and presenting the works of new endowments, this film festival was started in year 1977. After gradual improvements, the festival transformed as an independent as well as charitable organisation from year 2005. It holds many awards as well as competitions each year to grant the effort the film-makers makes. Names of awards given to film-makers that contribute effectively are Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries, Asian Digital Competition, The Fresh Wave Short Film Competition, etc. Other than screening film, it even arranges parties, seminars, exhibitions and conferences.

5. Sundance Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals 2019

This is another prestigious film festival of the world, arranged in the City Park of Utah. This is actually the place where the leading movies as well as most significant ones are arranged in the US. If in case you are a movie lover you should not forget to attend this film festival this to get a new experience. This is as important as your next meal and will give you lots of new acquaintance. Unless you are not a real movie fan then you can stay at home and view the screen along with small popcorn as snacks. But if you are a movie fan, do not simply sit there, move away and have some good time by attending this film festival. It mainly displays independent films created by American as well as international independent film-makers around the world. Moreover, it even arranges well many competitions for feature films, documentary films, short films, etc.

4. Annecy International Animated Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

Renowned as one of the leading film festivals for animated films, this prestigious film festival was started in year 1960. The name itself implies its location as it is arranged in Annecy, France. It is known that the film festival throughout its initial years used to happen globally for every two years, however from year 1998; it has turned out to be an annual event. The aspect which is considered special regarding this festival is that it displays numerous techniques of animated films, whether it is modelling clay or cut-out papers or even an animated drawing.

3. International film festival Rotterdam

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

This is also a great and prestigious film festival of the world as every year it attracts great number of audiences. The cinema event which happened in Rotterdam, entices film lovers round the world each year beginning from the January 25th till February 5th of a month. It is noted that approximately 350,000 persons on an average attends this film festival for the movie premier every year. This includes the critics as well as the film lovers who have supported to drive the event to the subsequent level creating it part of the topmost and leading events of all time.

2. Cannes Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals

Possibly the greatest well-known film festivals ever, this one has its beginning traced back to 1930s. It is too considered as one of the greatest publicised events across the globe, generating substantial media hype as well as public interest. It is known that celebrated awards offered by this festival are Grand Prix, Caméra d’Or, Palme d’Or, Queer Palm, Prix Vulcain etc. Moreover, this film festival is rated as the number one rated across the world and this is not just due to the presence it carries. Actually, it is simply due to the fact that they own a technique of captivating the hearts of the crowd by an exceptional performance. The particular film festival is deeply launched to people that admires movies, irrespective of your size and age but you are definitely welcome to the event of the year.

1. Dubai International Film Festival

Most Prestigious Film Festivals 2019

Most of you certainly love this city, and it is too named as the richest in the world. The city is rich in their lifestyle and also it is one of the major metropolitan in the world. The city initially developed from desert to turning more attractive in the year. The particular film festival in Dubai began in year 2004 and since then it developed quickly. The development and improvements it has adopted definitely made it big enough to enter the list of the biggest as well as prestigious film festivals in the world.

Prestigious film festivals in the world are important to showcase movie promotion as well as beautiful, leading celebs. If you get a time, you can certainly attend it to know how leading and famous they are.


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