Top 10 Most Prettiest Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

Throughout the decades, rock has been predominately a male vocalist scene. However, there are plenty of bands that have been either all females, or led by a woman, which has brought about the need for this list. While there were dozens of considerations for the list, the results are in and here are the 10 prettiest leading ladies in rock history. The most beautiful Rock-metal women are listed below.

10. Liz Phair

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever 2019

Making a big splash with her unique folksy style of rock, Liz Phair became an instant sensation. While her cult following and provocative lyrics could have easily sustained her, she was encouraged to pursue a pop-driven audience. Her single “Why Can’t I” was perhaps her biggest in her career, though many of her truer fans would suggest that her best work was done on her sophomore release Exile in Guyville.

9. Shirley Manson

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

This lead rocker from the British rock sensation Garbage saw the height of her success in the mid to late 90s. Feeding off of the sullen and dramatic rock scene at the time, heavy laden with self-deprecation, Garbage found a home with audiences through their creative lyrics and driving rock anthems including hit songs like “Stupid Girl” and “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”. Manson now hosts regular rock blocks for Sirius XM Radio, primarily on the Lithium station which plays the genre Garbage was famous for.

8. Hayley Williams

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

This pop punk princess found her rock stardom through the efforts of her band Paramore. Through powerful tracks like “Misery Business” and “Decode”, the band saw a surge in their popularity and made them house hold names in the pop rock world. Leaning far more heavily on the pop side of things these days, Hayley’s band has seen even more success with the most recent string of hit singles like “Ain’t It Fun” and “Still Into You”. In true rockers love rockers fashion, Hayley Williams married New Found Glory lead guitarist Chad Gilbert this past year. Sorry rockers, it seems she’s off the table.

7. Cherie Currie

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

The hard edged rocker Cherie Currie saw her primary successes through the efforts of her band The Runaways in the late 1970’s. With sexy singles like “Cherry Bomb” on their set list, Cherie was an immediate sex icon in the rock world. Her performances got more and more risqué as the rocketing of success continued towards its peak, seeing Cherie often performing in corsets, underwear and other provocative attire. Even to this day Currie has refused to give up her creative outlets, as she has become a successful chainsaw artist.

6. Amy Lee

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

This rocker chick was hurdled into success after the phenomenal reception of her band Evanescence’s first major release Fallen. While the band had released an LP and EPs prior to the release of this album, this was the particular release that saw Amy Lee and the gang getting serious recognition. Through the primary single from this album “Bring Me To Life”, Lee teams up with the front man (Paul McCoy) of Christian rock’s 12 Stones, Evanescence cemented a place in rock history. The sultry singer of the group, Amy Lee, won a spot on this competitive list with it as well.

5. Gwen Stefani

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever 2019

While these days people do not really think rock music when they think of Gwen Stefani, her strides with her band No Doubt was the very reason she had the opening to go full on pop music. Through their most successful album Tragic Kingdom, Gwen piped out rock and punk inspired tracks that found their place several time on the Billboard Top 100. Her playful and sporty look worked well with the pop punky image of the band. She is an easy choice to be included on this list of the prettiest front women in rock, as well as the prettiest front women period.

4. Joan Jett

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

Seeing her rise to stardom from her guitar work and backing vocals in the band The Runaways in the late 1970’s, Joan Jett set a new course for herself after leaving the band. Her creativity and guitar expertise saw her easily pumping out hit songs, and her body and beauty allowed her to become the quintessential rock woman. Perhaps the biggest rock anthem of her time, her career, and possibly all of rock history was “I Love Rock and Roll”.

3. Maria Brink

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

Finally metal music sees its place on the list. Maria Brink and her band In This Moment has quickly become one of the forerunning names in hard rock/metal music, and this has little to do with the pretty lead vocalist for the group. Maria Brink is an edgy writer whose provocative lyrics leave you looking at her in a new light. Her outfit changes during their headline performances quite literally having you looking at nothing else but Brink.

2. Taylor Momsen

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever

The Pretty Reckless has only really been a hit rock group for the past couple of years, most of that success coming within this last year. As though to instinctively catapult herself to the top of this list, Taylor Momsen (Lead singer, guitarist) was featured on the cover of their first major release in a tasteful look at her naked body from the back. Her spread in Maxim further illustrated her being a newfound sex symbol for the rock world. Ironic to think that this was the same Taylor Momsen that portrayed a character on Gossip Girl for all of its seasons and played Cindy Lou Who in the live action version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

1. Stevie Nicks

Most Beautiful Rock-Metal Front Women Ever 2019

The front woman for Fleetwood Mac sits atop this list for a number of reasons. The first reason being that she has a beauty that has lasted throughout the decades that the band has and continues to perform. Her classic look always screamed a bit of gypsy and a bit of folk music wrapped up into one, and it was a combination that has done this pretty frontwoman a great service over the past 40+ years.

These are the Top 10 Prettiest Rock-Metal Front women Ever. While there are countless honorable mentions and artists that very nearly made the list, the ones that did have cemented their place among the most alluring and attractive rockers that rocked then and continue to fill our headphones to this day.


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