Top 10 Renowned Professional Boxers In The World 2019

Out of many sports prevalent currently, boxing itself may not be a fascinating sport to everybody because of its ferocious nature. This sport involves spirit, enthusiasm, talents that boxers applies carefully to attain success. Many may think that boxing is merely regarding pitching punches however it is one of the highest amusing sports.

The sport involves a noticeable amount of technical skill as well as pronounced training on the side of the boxers who take part to perform in the ring. Some boxers today have attained reputation all over the world by performing outstandingly and gained a noticeable place in the list of famous professional boxers right now.

If you are willing to know the names and description of renowned professional boxers of 2019 who attained great reputation, refer below sections:

10. Amir Khan

Most popular boxers 2019

Amir Khan is well-known as a professional lightweight boxer from Manchester in UK, who started his career in boxing at an early age of 22. This boxer has been bestowed with WBA title as the freshest British Boxer, adding to his popularity. Amir currently possesses topmost position in the list and even in year 2011, he was placed as 8th best boxer in the world. He launched his professional boxing career in year 2008 with leading professional fight arranged against boxer named Martin Kristjanssen. In his career, Amir has been bestowed with two gold medals, won in 31 fights out of 35 being played.

9. Bernard Hopkins

Most popular boxers

Bernard Hopkins is regarded as an American professional boxer who performed as a light and middleweight heavyweight fighter in his boxing career. Till date, Hopkins has been bestowed with 51 out of 59 fights in his boxing career. This boxer defended his world middleweight title for almost 20 times with help of his consistent boxing talents. Known alternatively by nickname, “The Executioner” and “The B-Hop”, Hopkins became renowned as the best skilled and renowned boxer who has won several title as well as championships.

8. Marvin Hagler

Most popular boxers

Marvin is an American boxer, well-known as a middleweight champion as well as participated in the prestigious International Boxing Hall of Fame. Apart from this, in the field of boxing, the boxer is extensively identified as “Marvelous Marvin Hagler”. Other than the usual titles, Marvin has received famous titles like “Fighter of the Year” and “Fighter of the Decade.” This boxer was entitled by Boxing Illustrated magazine as Fighter of the Decade (1980s), as well as he was entitled by The Ring magazine as Fighter of the Year for two times. It is noted that The International Boxing Research Organisation (briefly as IBRO) considers Hagler as the sixth excellent middleweight of all time; however BoxRec also rates him the sixth finest middleweight boxer. Several experts and boxing writers feature Marvin Hagler to have one of the finest jaws in history of boxing.

7. Vitali Klitschko

Most popular boxers

This professional heavyweight boxer has received several boxing championships as well as honours that account for his fame. He even received the nickname -“Dr. Ironfist” for his commanding punches displayed in the ring. Apart from being a boxer, Vitali Klitschko is a well-known Ukraine politician as well as a player of the Professional heavyweight boxer. In his career in boxing, Vitali won three time world heavyweight championship which is known as a big title. Out of all the matches he played, he won 45 and only faced defeat in 2. Vitali launched himself as boxer early in year 1996 with first winning fight against boxer named Toney Bradham. In fact, this fight possessed 4 rounds but Vitali won over his opponent in 2nd round itself.

6. Sugar Ray Leonard

Most popular boxers 2019

Sugar Ray Leonard is a renowned boxer from America who started his career since year 1969. After the Luis Vega fight in 1977 known as a boxer. The reason of high fame of Leonard is because he won five times lineal weight title from period 1977 to 1997. Leonard is an American retired boxer who even attained great fame as a motivational speaker. The boxer has won titles in five weight partitions and later he retired with the honour “Boxer of the Decade” for the 1980’s. Apart from championships and titles, Leonard also won many medals in his boxing career.

5. Lennox Lewis

Most popular boxers

Lennox Lewis (real name- Lennox Claudius Lewis) is Canadian boxer in the world, gained immense popularity in fans society apart from boxing career. Lennox was born in England, in the age of 12 he moved with his father in Canada. In year 1982 he supported the school team to win a basketball match being arranged at school level. Later in year 1983, Lennox decided to become excellent boxer hence he joined the Canadian boxing club. In his boxing career, Lennox fought 44 fights, out of which he won the heavyweight title for three times.

4. Oscar De La Hoya

Most popular boxers

Oscar De La Hoya from Mexican descent is renowned all over the world as ‘Golden Boy’. Hoya owns dual citizenships i.e. American and Mexican. One can easily estimate his successful boxing career as right from the age of 17, Hoya won the U.S National Championship in his amateur career. This boxer has received 7 gold medals in boxing and has fought 47 fights with 39 wins and 6 lose. In year 2004, Hoya left the boxing but in year 2006 he did a comeback again in boxing and connecting with the WWE. Hoya is one of the non-heavyweights to turn out as a popular pop culture celebrity. Apart from his career in boxing, he received a gold medal in year 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

3. Manny Pacquiao

Most popular boxers

Manny Pacquiao is known to be a Filipino professional, renowned boxer as well as a businessman. He belonged from a poor family with five siblings, at the age of 14 he lifted home due to financial difficulty. Apart from being outstanding in the boxing career, Pacquiao also excelled in modelling, politics, acting, and music career. He started his career in boxing in year 1995 and till date, Pacquiao has been awarded three times as a world heavyweight boxer as well as he got many medals. In his professional boxing career, has won 54 out of 61 matches he played, with two fights being draws. Several boxing specialists consider him to be the pound for pound #1 boxer all over the world as well as he is the only boxer to receive titles in seven weight classes.

2. George Foreman

Most popular boxers

George Foreman is a professional boxer, entrepreneur, author, actor as well as a minister of religion. His fans recognize him by nickname – Big George and several boxing fans still considers George Foreman as a young 24 year old Texan player who carried a TKO to the unbeaten Joe Frazier in year 1973. Foreman also involves now in the activity as spokesperson of Russell Hobbs Inc., which is a producer of home appliances. His reputation raised even more when in year 2002; he got listed in top best boxer in last 80 years. Apart from boxing, Foreman exceled in Olympic game as in year 1968 he took part in Summer Olympics. Foreman’s journey as professional boxer began in year 1967 with initial Knockout fight to Parks Diamond Belt Tournament.

1. Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

Most popular boxers 2019

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is in America former of professional boxer, renowned as wonderful and well skilled boxer in the history. Most of the time, he is undefeatable in boxing ring as he rarely provides time to the opponent. Floyd received the four different class championships as well as renowned his name by wining heavyweight championships for 5 times. His fame increased even more when in year 2013, he was included in the list of 50 highest paid sportsperson and he maintained this position in the list in year 2014. This world famous boxing champion from America has won an extraordinary six boxing championships in five weight classes namely Lightweight, Junior Welterweight, Super Featherweight, Welterweight twice and Super Welterweight.

Today, boxing is a sport that has become rich with help of some extraordinary talented professional boxers playing since years. These famous boxers have preserved this sport to be an entertaining for audience by showcasing their unique boxing power.


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