Top 10 Richest Actresses In The World 2019

Hollywood is a rewarding place provided you manage to strike the right chords and catch hold of the right strings. You can make a living out of acting in Hollywood. However, it does demand a lot of hard work. Every actor or actress who earns his or her livelihood has to struggle a lot. Nothing comes easy in life. Earning your millions definitely does not come under this category. One has to slog like hell to earn a decent living.

In this mayhem, you have the actors and actresses who rise above the ordinary due to their acting skills and personalities. Naturally, they are the most sought after and hence, they earn their millions faster than the others do. Along with the fame they get because of their acting, they get to do endorsements and commercials. This augments their income a great deal. Subsequently, it boils down to how these actresses manage to make their income grow. One must admit that the following listed 10 richest actresses of 2019 are quite savvy in their approach towards maintaining their net worth. Let us see who they are.

10. Nicole Kidman – $140 million

Richest Actresses 2019

At No 10, we have the Australian actress, Nicole Kidman. An amazing actress in her own right, she has done some memorable roles in films like “Days of Thunder”, Moulin Rouge”, “Batman Forever”, and others. This beautiful actress is a multi-talented personality as she has great voice as well. She is an accomplished singer, model, and a producer to boot. Of course, it goes without saying that she is one of the highly paid actresses in Hollywood. With a net worth of $140 million, Nicole Kidman opens this Top 10 list at the 10th position.

9. Julia Roberts – $160 million

Richest Actresses

You need natural beauty to be successful in any film industry. No one knows this better than the Pretty Woman herself. We are referring to the one and only Julia Roberts. One has to concede that this actress is beauty personified from head to toe. Having acted in successful films like Pretty Woman, Erin Bronkovich, Mystic Pizza, and many others, Julia Roberts is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Very few people can match her stunning looks. In addition, she is a powerful actress capable of performing versatile roles. People’s Magazine has nominated this beautiful actress as the most beautiful woman in the world a record five times. Her net worth of $160 million makes her occupy the 9th spot in this list.

8. Jennifer Aniston – $170 million

Richest Actresses

If looks were the main criteria for success in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston would have won any contest hands down. An absolute stunner in every way, Jennifer Aniston made her initial entry into Hollywood through the most popular sitcom, Friends. A winner of several awards such as the Emmy Award, The Screen Actors Guild Award, the Golden Globe, and a host of others, she has performed notable roles in many successful films as well. The immediate ones that come to mind are “The Break Up”, “Just Go With It”, and so on. One of the highest earning actresses in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston has a net worth of $170 million making her the proud occupant of the 8th spot in this list.

7. Angelina Jolie – $180 million

Richest Actresses

Who can forget Lara Croft? This name has become immortal because of only one person, Angelina Jolie. Many people might have performed the same role but no one has done it better than Angelina. One of the most versatile screen personalities, Angelina is a humanitarian first and then an actor, producer, and director. This is how she wants people to remember her. A winner of several awards such as The Academy Award, golden Globe Awards, and several others, Angelina Jolie has done great humanitarian work all over the world. She cherishes the Global Humanitarian Action Award from the United Nations more than anything else. Her net worth of $180 million takes her to the 7th spot in this list of the top 10 richest actresses in Hollywood.

6. Miley Cyrus – $220 million

Richest Actresses 2019

One of the most beautiful actresses in the world, Miley Cyrus stands proudly at the No 6 spot in this list. Daughter of a famous performer himself, it is no surprise that Miley followed in her father’s footsteps. An actor and singer par excellence, Miley Cyrus has a great following on social media. She performs in numerous concerts all over the world. A majority of her net worth comes from performing in these concerts. She is very young and it can be a matter of time before she climbs this ladder fast. However, with a net worth of $220 million she is at the 6th spot.

5. Victoria Principal – $250 million

Richest Actresses

You need to diversify your interests and make your money or net worth multiply. This is the hallmark of a good business woman. You have one of the most shining examples of such a character in Victoria Principal. This actress has managed to strike it big in the business world as well with mature investments. She has her own skincare line. However, she is a top actress in the first place having done some great roles in films like The Life and Time of Judge Roy Bean. However, she is more famous for her portrayal of Pamela Barnes Ewing in the TV soap, Dallas. Her net fortune is estimated at $250 million making her bring up the rear in the first five top richest actresses in the world.

4. Julia Louis Dreyfus – $280 million

Richest Actresses

If there is one actress who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, it has to be Julia Louis Dreyfus. Her father is Gerard Louis Dreyfus, one of the top billionaires in the world with a net worth running into several billions of dollars. She is a talented actress, producer, and comedian at the same time. Famous for her memorable roles in films like Enough Said, Planes, Hannah and her Sisters, she has won a lot of awards including 9 Emmy awards and 7 Screen Actors Guild awards. Having a net worth in the range of $280 million on her own strength, Julia Louis Dreyfus is the No 4 in this list of the top richest actresses in the world today.

3. Sandra Bullock – $300 million

Richest Actresses

Here we have an actress who has donned the grease paint since the age of 5 years. Sandra Bullock literally does not know anything else other than acting. No wonder, she is a tremendous actor in her own right. Some of her memorable roles include films like Speed, Minions, Miss Congeniality, and others. Sandra is the proud recipient of the Academy Award as well in addition to other awards. Named as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 2015 by the People’s Magazine, Sandra has a net worth of $300 million making her occupy the No 3 spot in this exalted list.

2. Jessica Alba – $350 million

Richest Actresses

You had Victoria Principal in this list who is an effective business woman as well. Jessica Alba belongs to the same category. A successful model before entering the film industry, Jessica Alba was always destined for greatness. She has performed in many films such as Good Luck Chuck, Dark Angel, Into the Blue, and many more. A winner of numerous awards for her roles in films as well as TV, Jessica Alba is a successful businesswoman. She is the founder of a consumer goods company. Her combined net worth is in the region of $350 million making her the second richest actress in the world.

1. Jami Gertz – $2 billion

Richest Actresses 2019

We have Jamie Gertz at the No 1 spot in this list. She owes her riches to her husband, Tony Ressler, a billionaire. However, Jami has always been a famous actress. She has played roles in films like Crossroads, The Lost Boys, Less than Zero, and a lot of others. In addition to being the richest actress in the world, Jamie is a great philanthropist. She does great work for charity. Her net worth of $2 billion can appear huge under the circumstances especially when the second best is a lowly $350 million in comparison. For her net worth of $2 billion, she is the undisputed No 1 in this list.

You have just gone through the top 10 richest Hollywood actresses. Each one of them has struggled through life a great deal maybe with the exception of a couple among this list. They richly deserve their position in this list of the top 10 richest actresses in the world.


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