Top 10 Richest Guitarists In The World 2019

Guitarists are the most recognized band members after the vocalists, in a band. Guitars are one of the most appealing music instruments, which are often used as a conversation starter in movies, which always land you a date. Guitarists play a crucial role in the band; they are responsible for making solos, writing songs and crafting amazing melodies with some catchy riffs.

A guitar is seen as the stapling instrument of all rock bands. You will never find a rock band or any singer without their guitar while performing. Whether you are playing a sad song or a rock song, you will need a guitar. In honor of Guitars, today we are listing some of the richest guitarists in the world in 2019.

10. Tom Petty – $75 Million

Richest Guitarists 2019

Tom Petty and Heartbreakers is one of the most popular and successful classic rock bands. The band rose to fame after its hit singles ‘American Girl’ and ‘The Waiting’. The band has released almost 13 albums in their 40-year long career. They have sold more than 80 million records across the globe. The group is headed by the lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Petty. He has even enjoyed success in his solo career and released albums like ‘Full Moon Fever’, ‘Highway Companion’ and ‘Wildflowers’. He also played briefly for ‘The Traveling Wilburys’. Tom Petty’s net worth is more than $75 million according to the wealth record.

9. Angus Young – $140 Million

Richest Guitarists

Angus Young created the electric rush in AC/DC sound, he was also responsible for the formation of this band in 1973. Angus Young is considered as one of the best guitarists in the world. He instantly became popular for his catchy powerful riffs. He had an out of the world stage presence, with his trademark school uniform outfit, with a guitar resonating a rebelling spirit going against all norms of society. His playing style comprises of blues guitar that incorporates power chords delivering a heavy riff sound. He brought an evolution in rock and roll with his unique style.

8. The Edge – $200 Million

Richest Guitarists

David Evans aka ‘The Edge’ is popular as the lead guitarist of Irish Band U2. He is popular for his intricate use of all guitar effects. He blessed us by inventing the delayed sound in U2’s signature. It’s the combination of beautiful voice and the instrument that made U2 one of the best bands in the world. The Edge has also worked with other companies on tracks like ‘Royal Shakespeare Company’ and ‘Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark’. Apart from his musical career, he also actively works in human right causes and philanthropic issues.

7. Dave Matthews – $250 Million

Richest Guitarists

Dave Matthews is the founder and the front man in Dave Matthews Band, for almost twenty years now. From 2000 till 2010, Dave Matthews enjoyed major success with his band members, touring and selling millions of tickets in North America. They have made multiple studio albums and some live collaboration with musicians like Tim Reynolds. Apart from his music career, this Guitarist is also popular for his acting on screen as well as on stage. Some of which include films like ‘You Don’t Mess With Zohan’ and ‘I Now Pronounce You and Larry’.

6. Eric Clapton – $250 Million

Richest Guitarists 2019

Eric Clapton is one of the most talented and successful musicians in the world, who has been a blessing his fans for years now. He started his career in 1963 with ‘Yardbirds’ but left the group after two years. Then he went on create his own supergroup rock band called ‘Cream’. He made a few albums and songs with Cream, but unfortunately, it disbanded after some time. Clapton then jumped on to join ‘Blind Faith’. Later, he focused on his solo career and released critically acclaimed albums ‘Behind the Sun’ and ‘Slowhand’.

5. Dave Grohl – $260 Million

Richest Guitarists

Dave Grohl is the frontman of Foo Fighters. He first gained popularity as a drummer, where he played for bands like Scream and Nirvana. Then he switched to guitar when he joined Foo Fighter, and today he is considered as the best guitarist of all time. Grohl has played drums for bands like David Bowie, Zac Brown Band, and Slash. He was also responsible for co-founding ‘The Crooked Vultures’ with John Paul Jones and Josh Homme. He has also directed a music documentary called ‘Sound City’.

4. Bruce Springsteen – $300 Million

Richest Guitarists

Bruce Springsteen started his musical journey in 1965 but was able to make his career breakthrough with ‘Born to Run’ in 1975, a decade after his debut. He has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide. He is amongst the highest selling artist in the world. His music focuses on the American dream and working class in the country. Bruce has won more than 20 Grammys in his career. He has also won one Academy Award and two Golden Globes in his career. He is definitely one of the most magical guitar players of all times.

3. Toby Keith – $320 Million

Richest Guitarists

Toby Keith is one of the most renowned figures of American Music Industry. He is known for making some of the most magical country songs. His songs fit perfectly with his guitar riffs, which have helped him earn a net worth of $320 Million. All his first 4 records reached gold or platinum in the USA. “Should’ve been a Cowboy”, his first single made over 3 million spins in radios, and became the most played country song in the 90’s. Keith also owns a restaurant chain called ‘Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill’, which is spread across 16 locations in the USA.

2. Keith Richards – $340 Million

Richest Guitarists

Keith Richards is one of the best guitarists, and the member of iconic band ‘The Rolling Stones’. The band is still active and energetic, even after 50 years since their formation. Keith Richards has blessed us with some of the most beautiful and electric guitar riffs. Keith has also worked with other popular artists like Tom Waits, Eric Clapton, and John Lennon. Richard also sung in ‘You Got the Silver’ and ‘Something Happened to Yesterday’ in his band, alternating with Mick Jagger.

1. Jimmy Buffett – $400 Million

Richest Guitarists 2019

Jimmy Buffett is the richest guitarist on the planet. He made his breakthrough with ‘Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Altitudes’. This album proved that Jimmy can sing and play simultaneously. The album peaked at 12 on Billboard 200. This album also features Jimmy’s most famous single ‘Margaritaville’, which ranked 8th on US Billboard Top 100 Charts. He later used his most successful song to open up a bunch of casinos and restaurants chains in its name.

These are some of the greatest and richest guitar players of all time in the music industry. However, their talent is not limited to just the strings of guitars, some of them are really good singers who can also pay other instruments, while some have turned out of great businessmen.


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