11 Richest Japanese People 2019

There were 34 Japanese-born billionaires in the world, not all of whom resided in Japan according to Forbes magazine’s 2017 list of the richest individual Japanese. The net worth of top wealthiest Japanese varied between the US $3.4 billion to $21.2 billion and making the Japan third strongest economy in the world. With Japan’s rapid development and technological achievements, it really has become ‘The land of rising sun’ and these all thanks to these richest Japanese who plays the vital role in the development of Japan’s various business and political sectors. Here is the list of Top-11 richest Japanese in 2019 behind the world’s third strongest economy.

11. Masahiro Miki – Networth: $3.4 billion

Richest Japanese People 2019

A self-made Japanese billionaire Masahiro Miki is the founding father and CEO of discount shoe manufacturers ABC-Mart, Japan’s fast-growing discount shoe retailer that operates some 650 stores in Japan and smaller chains in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, selling brand-name and private-label footwear. Masahiro Miki encompasses a web value of $3.4 billion. In 2012, ABC-mart had taken over Yankee, a sportswear manufacturer after saw the significant rise of US $2 Billion.

10. Masatoshi Ito – Networth: $4.2 billion

Richest Japanese People

Masatoshi Ito, the self-made billionaire is the founder, owner, and chairman of Seven & I, world’s largest retail business group and also a successful Japanese bourgeoisie. He has more than 20,000 retail stores called 7-evelen and out of that 10,000 solely in Japan. Masatoshi Ito has estimated net worth of $4.2 billion USD. He kick started 7-eleven with the single roadside store and now he is the owner of world’s largest retail business world that worth the US $4.2 Billion.

9. Akira Mori – Networth: $4.3 billion

Richest Japanese People

Akira Mori is the eighth richest person in our list with an estimated net worth of US $4.3 billion. The president and business executive of Mori Trust, Akira Mori is the true real estate developer in central Tokyo and other major cities in Japan. He developed and manages more than 89 buildings across the Japan and since his father Takichiro Mori founded Mori trust in 1959. After the death of Takichiro Mori and his son, Akira Mori, an eldest of Takichiro manage the Mori association. Currently, Mori trust is the largest real estate developer in Japan having the net worth of $4.3 Billion USD.

8. Han Chang-Woo – Networth: $4.3 Billion

Richest Japanese People

A Zainichi Japanese-Korean businessman and the owner & CEO of Japanese niche gambling device management company called Maruhan the pachinko parlor operator. He is Head of Japan’s largest operator of pachinko parlors, Maruhan, as well as bowling alleys, golf B-driving ranges and movie theaters. After the establishment of Maruhan Corporation in 1972, it became largest private company based in Korea and japan. He has a net worth of US $4.3 billion.

7. Kunio Busujima – Networth: $4.4 billion

Richest Japanese People

Kunio Busujima has the total net worth or whopping $4.4 Billion USD. He drives his money from his company called Sankyo, a second largest manufacturer of Pachinko machines in Japan. pachinko is an arcade gaming or gambling system ( Pachinko machine) similar to Casino which is quite popular in the America. Today, son Hideyuki and Kunio Busujima runs the company worth $4.4 Billion USD which they started in the late 1960s.

6. Keiichiro Takahara

Richest Japanese People 2019

84-year old Keiichiro Takahara is the chairman and founding father of the company call Unichar, which has the large market in Asian countries, especially in China. Keiichiro drives his money from Unicharm that manufactures disposable hygiene merchandise, pet care merchandise, specializing in the manufacture of diapers, home clean-up merchandise, home clean-up merchandise & female hygiene merchandise. Unicharm sells more adult diapers than baby diapers in Japan, likely because of the country’s aging population. The company is still in the family, run by his son Takahisa and Keiichiro.

5. Takemitsu Takizaki – Networth: $8.8 Billion

Richest Japanese People

the founder and chairman of global electronics components and Automation devices company “Keyence” which is traded the publicly in 2014. the worldwide supplier of sensors such as vision system, barcode readers etc. and some other electronic products and components such as lasers, digital microscopes, measurement instrument etc. Company’s strong focus on Research and Development department led them to patent several devices which in result raised $2 Billion US dollars last year making the net worth of Takemitsu Takizaki US $8.8 Billion.

4. Hiroshi Mikitani – $10.5 Billion

Richest Japanese People

Hiroshi Mikitani is the richest Japanese businessman tycoon who the co-founder and CEO of Rakuten the largest Japanese e-retailer business. Moreover, he is the owner of OverDeive, an American e- bookstore worth $400 million, Ebates, a U.S.-based rebate website and he bought 12% stake in the private car service Lyft for $300 Million US dollars. Hiroshi Mikitani is highly involved in politics, advising the prime minister in Technological and Economy sectors as he is the head of Japan Association of New Economy, a handful of technological companies that is working to raise the economic status of Japan. He owns a net worth of $10.5 billion.

3. Nobutada Saji – $10.9 Billion

Richest Japanese People

Nobutada Saji chief operating officer and executive vice president Suntory Holdings, the food and beverage conglomerate that bought U.S. Beam and Maker’s Mark bourbon in 2014 and the deal was worth $16 billion USD. the business has always been handled by the Torri Family since 1899 when it was founded. after the arrival of Nobutada Saji in 2014, it was the first time the tradition was not followed but fortunately company has made rapid progress of $3 Billion USD in 2015 and Nobutada became the most honored CEO of the company. The company has total net worth of $10.9 Billion USD.

2. Masayoshi Son – $13.9 billion

Richest Japanese People

Inspired by popular stock market investor Warren Buffett, Masayoshi son has made the purchase of the mobile internet powerhouse of Softbank after Chinese E-Commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. that went public in 2014 and became the chairman and CEO of SoftBank Corp. According to his latest announcement he is looking forward to sinking the US $10 Billion into Indian Startups and invested another $250 millions in Legendary entertainment which is responsible for movies like Interstellar and Godzilla. Masayoshi Son is the second richest Japanese in the world with the net worth of $13.9 Billion US dollars. Moreover, he has property in San Fransisco, California which worth of $100 Million USD.

1. Tadashi Yanai – Network: $21.2 billion

Richest Japanese People 2019

According to Forbes magazine’s 2015 list of the wealthiest individuals in Japan, Tadashi Yani is the richest Japanese lived with wealth worth of staggering $21.2 billion USD. Tadashi Yani is the self-made billionaire who saw 65% increase in international sales for his retail brand Uniqlo in 2014-15 which He started from a small outlet, selling kitchenware,(Uniqlo retail store in Hiroshima in 1984) at the roadside. His fortune is up more than the US $3 billion in the last year which he drives from the global expansion of his fast retailing business from which his sons Koji and Kazumi also made the US $1 Billion.

These are richest Japanese that made considerable efforts to make the Japan again ‘The land of rising sun’ after the second world war and various earthquakes Tsunami and other long-faced crises. These richest individuals are creating Japan the third richest economy within the world by playing the vital roles in various sectors of business, technology, manufacturing and politics.


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