Top 10 Richest Lawyers in the World 2019

The ultimate objective of every profession in the world is to make money. There are professions where you can earn money only if you succeed in your endeavor. At the same time, there are professions that can bring in the moolah even if you do not succeed. The legal profession is one such profession.

A majority of professions in the world are such that one has to retire at some point. It could because of attaining a particular age, etc. Some professions do not have any such compulsions. The legal profession, again, is one such profession.

People all over the world consider the medical profession as one of the noblest in the business. This is because it has the capacity to save lives. There are professions that can save lives of people even without having a perfectly noble approach. The legal profession, again, is one among such professions.

This profession allows a person to do a lot of social service. It allows a person to fight injustice in the perfect manner. At the same time, it also allows a person to earn a huge fortune as well. In this article, we shall explore the top 10 most expensive and richest lawyers in the world as of 2019.

10. Howard K Stern: Net Worth $0.5 million

Richest lawyers in the world 2019

At No. 10, we have Howard K Stern, known more for his proximity to Anna Nicole Smith. Do not confuse him with the famous radio personality. Stern studied law at the University of California. His most famous client has been Anna Nicole Smith. He was her legal counsel before exchanging vows in a secret ceremony in The Bahamas. This was not a registered marriage. However, Smith died soon thereafter leaving Stern to face a barrage of legal cases over their relationship and the inheritance of her assets. In spite of such setbacks, Howard Stern has amassed a net worth of $0.5 million.

09. Stacey Gardner: Net Worth $1 million

Richest lawyers in the world

At No 9, we have the vivacious Stacey Gardner. Yes, she is the same Deal or No Deal case model. Not many people know that she is an accomplished California attorney. Having studied law at the Southwestern School of Law, she is an avid sports fan. Her husband is the famous American professional tennis player Mardy Fish. Now, no one would mind shelling out a few extra bucks to have such a stunning looking lawyer to defend their case. She is one lawyer who has successfully proved that one can be beautiful and have the brains to match the beauty as well. She is worth a cool $ 1 million today.

08. Vikki Ziegler: Net Worth $2.5 million

Richest lawyers in the world

The legal profession is such that it does not differentiate between genders. You can be a woman and still be a successful lawyer. We had Stacey Gardner at No. 9 in this list of the top 10 richest lawyers in the world. At No. 8 is another woman, Vikki Ziegler. Her specialty is the marriage and the civil cases. She runs a reality TV series that follows her own cases. She is a woman of conscience. She also helps her clients auction items that the parties do not agree to share. This roaring practice as a divorce specialist has earned her a net worth of $2.5 million.

07. Jose Baez: Net Worth $5 million

Richest lawyers in the world

The beauty of the legal profession is that it takes only one high-profile case to catapult you into the ‘famous’ category. The lawyer on our list at No.7 is one such attorney, Jose Baez. Jose had very modest beginnings. He was a school dropout, married very early at the age of 17 to become a father immediately. He had worked as an intelligence analyst with the US Navy before enrolling at the St Thomas University School of Law.

He is the most unlikely entry into this list. His claim to fame is in defending Casey Anthony in the case of her involvement in the murder of her daughter. He could not save her from conviction However, he used this high-profile case to amass a fortune for himself with a net worth of $5 million today. This proves our statement that we made in the beginning that you do not need to win cases in this profession to amass wealth.

06. Ana Quincoces: Net Worth $8 million

Richest lawyers in the world

You have Ana Quincoces at the No. 5 slot in this list. She is an adept cook as well and is equally famous for her recipe books. She is an equally good actor as well. Her appearances in the RHOM (Real Housewives of Miami) are ample proof of this talent. Belonging to Cuba, she looks back to her Cuban heritage for inspiration. Her books such as Sabor-A Passion for Cuba Cuisine and Cuban Chicks can cook has helped her rack up the millions. She has a marinade brand in her own name. She is a successful attorney as well with a net worth of $8 million.

05. Vernon Jordan: Net Worth $12 million

Richest lawyers in the world 2019

The No. 5 slot belongs to Vernon Jordan. Known for his exemplary work in the Civil Rights movement during the Bill Clinton administration, Vernon Jordan has also worked for the National Urban League, the United Negro College, and the NAACP. He acquired many enemies during the Civil Rights Movement, one of whom shot him at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Vernon used this incident to his advantage and became more famous as a lawyer. With a net worth of $12 million, he is the proud owner of this No. 5 spot in this list of the Top 10 Richest Lawyers in the World.

04. Joel Segal: Net Worth $40 million

Richest lawyers in the world

The lawyer profession alone might not be enough to help a person garner wealth to the tune of $40 million. At No. 4, we have Joel Segal, one of the most successful sports agents in the world. He studied law at the George Washington University. His main source of wealth is not his legal profession but the result of brokering lucrative deals for the NFL players and teams. Owning two separate football agencies today, Segal will continue earning his millions for a few more years.

03. John Branca: Net Worth $50 million

Richest lawyers in the world

Many people know about the legal tangles regarding inheritance of the assets in case of high-profile music celebrities such as the Jackson Five, ZZ Top, the Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones. However, not many people know that John Branca is the common link in all these cases. He is an extremely famous attorney known for handling such high profile cases. In fact, people call him the ‘Lawyer for the Music Business’.

He has been instrumental in settling the inheritance issues of Michael Jackson. The year 2009 saw him hogging the limelight with his involvement in representing the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organisation and later selling it off for $25 million. In addition to his legal profession and acquisition businesses, he is an avid baseball fan. With a net worth of $50 million, he is a worthy No. 3 on this list.

02. William E Gary: Net Worth $100 million

Richest lawyers in the world

With fame, you also court a lot of controversy and infamy. William E Gray, known for winning lawsuits against companies as powerful as Disneyland and Anheuser-Busch is one such controversial lawyer. Controversy is his second name. He has been accused of involvement in many shady deals with his clients and defrauding them as well.

On the personal front, he has three children outside of his marriage with Diana Gowins of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fame. He owed her $ 20000 in child support. He had to face a huge amount of criticism when he succeeded in getting the compensation lowered to $ 5000. He charges more than $ 20000 per hour for representing his clients. Naturally, such a high remuneration could result in the accumulation of a net worth of $100 million.

01. William Thongtang: Net Worth $1.1 billion

Richest lawyers in the world 2019

The best way to earn for an advocate is to represent the politicians. You will never face any dearth of work. Having represented the Prime Minister of Thailand, William Thongthan can speak from experience. Representing such high-profile politicians has helped him amass enough net worth to hold the No. 1 position in this list. In addition, he owns a substantial share in Thailand’s largest cable broadcast provider. As of today, he is worth $1.1 billion. He is available for those who can afford him even today.

This list shows that you need not be a film or a sports personality to amass the millions. The legal profession can also help you in generating high levels of income. Not every lawyer in the world might have earned his or her income in the straightforward way. That is the beauty of this legal profession.


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