7 Richest MMA Fighters In The World 2019

It’s safe to say that MMA fighters have potentially the most dangerous profession in the world. It involves a lot of dedication, hard work, and skills to become an MMA fighter. One wrong move and they might lose their life. Mixed Martial Arts is no joke, it requires a lot of training and specialization. So, it comes as no surprise that some of these MMA fighters make more than most engineering and doctors, who safely work in their 9 to 5 schedule. Today we are going to take a look at the 7 richest MMA fighters in the world in 2019.

7. Quinton Jackson – $12 Million

Richest MMA Fighters 2019

Quinton Ramone ‘Rampage’ Jackson is an American actor, former wrestler, and a popular Mixed Martial Arts champion. He is a ‘Light Heavyweight Champion of UFC’, who has also won a Pride Middleweight Championship. He is currently signed with MMA Bellator. He is most popular for his aggressive fighting style and eccentric personality. This helped him gain popularity in Japan during his Pride FC and UFC fights. He is considered as one of the pioneers, who have helped in taking MMA to an international fame. He started off his professional career in 1999. He has a record of winning 37 out of 49 MMA games, in which 16 were clear knockouts. He uses boxing and wrestling style in most of his fights.

6. Tito Ortiz – $15 Million

Richest MMA Fighters

Jacob Christopher ‘Tito’ Ortis is one of the most popular American MMA players. He has also played in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Light Heavyweight Championship. In 2006 he became the highest pay-per-view, with his fights against Lidell, Ken Shamrock, and Forrest Griffin. Apart from fighting, he acts as the current CEO of MMA Punishment Athletics and clothing line.

He has also established ‘Punishment Training Center’, which is an MMA training gym. In 2012, Tito’s name was inducted into Hall of Fame of UFC. He has defeated players like Ryan Bader, Evan Tanner, Ken Shamrock, Forrest Griffin and Chael Sonnen thrice in his career. He has a record of winning 19 out of total 32 MMA fights. He started his fighting career in 1997 and it is being speculated that the star might take retirement this year.

5. Wanderlei Silva – $18 Million

Richest MMA Fighters

Wanderlei Cesar Da Silva aka ‘The Axe Murderer’ or ‘Cachorro Louco (Mad Dog)’ is a Brazilian MMA player. He is popular for fighting in tournaments like (UFC) Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride Fighting Championships in Japan. He holds prestigious titles like most knockouts, wins, longest winning streak and title defenses in the history of PRIDE. He has been a former Middleweight PRIDE Champion and he also won 2003’s Middleweight Grand Prix Champion. He started his professional fighting career in 1996. He has MMA record of winning 35 out of a total of 50 games. He is currently drafted with the Bellator MMA and Rizin Fighting Federation. He has a black belt in Judo as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and prajiad in Muay Thai.

4. Fedor Emelianenko – $18 Million

Richest MMA Fighters 2019

Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko is a Russian sambist, judoka, and MMA heavyweight champion. Currently, he is competing in Bellator MMA and Rizin Fighting Federation. He has won multiple awards, championships, and accolades. He is one of the strongest MMA players, who won Pride Fighting Championships from 2003-07, FIAS World Sambo Combat Championship in 2002, 2005, 2007 and won a bronze medal in 1998 and 1999’s Russian Judo Federation Championship. He started playing internationally in 2002. He has an impressive track record of winning 36 out 42 MMA games. Currently, he holds 1st rank in the Razryad Grand Master for Sambo. He has defeated players like Jeff Monson, Pedro Rizzo, and Satoshi Ishii.

3. Anderson Silva – $18.9 Million

Richest MMA Fighters

Anderson da Silva aka ‘The Spider’is a Brazilian UFC Middleweight Champion and a Mixed Martial Artist. He holds a record for longest title streak in the history of UFC, with 16 consecutive victories and winning 10 title defenses. He started playing professionally in 1997. He has a record of winning 34 MMA games out of 43. He is known for playing multiple styles like Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dana White, UFC’s president, and several other MMA publications consider Silva to be one of the greatest players in MMA. He is ranked at the 7th spot currently in the UFC middleweight rankings. He is one of the finest and richest MMA players in the world currently.

2. B. J. Penn – $22 Million

Richest MMA Fighters

Jay Dee Penn is a popular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and a professional MMA player. He started his fighting career in 2001 with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and later he joined K-1. He is the first American to win gold in World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. He has competed Welterweight, Featherweight, Middleweight and Lightweight divisions. He is amongst the three players who have won titles in different weight classes. He has a title defense record of playing in lightweight championships. He has a record of winning 16 out of 30 MMA fights over the past years. He has a black belt 5th degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Penn is one of the greatest MMA players of all time, who is known for his fast instincts and aggressive fighting style.

1. Georges St. Pierre – $25 Million

Richest MMA Fighters 2019

GSP is a Canadian MMA Champion and a three-time Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion, which he won in 2006 – 2008. He has a record of winning 25 out of 27 MMA fights. He started playing professionally in 2002, he took a five-year break in 2013 but is back again with his knockouts. Rogers Sportsnet declared him as the Athlete of the Year in Canada from 2008 till 2010. He is often considered as the most successful MMA fighter in the history with an amazing record. He holds a record for making the second highest title streaks and for gaining most wins in title bouts in UFC history within 2,204 days.

These are some of the most successful MMA fighters in the world in 2019, who have devoted all their time to practice, to build the Champion’s lifestyle and fame that they are living today. Their winning records and titles make them one of the richest players in the world, whose punch is enough to win a knockout. They are amongst the greatest entertainers in the world. They are paid in Millions because of their extraordinary fighting skills and for all the brand deals that they endorse.


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