Top 10 Richest Young Actors In The World 2019

How many people have made their millions before the age of 30? Other than the top sports and film celebrities, you cannot find many people in this list. Acting is one profession where you can make your millions at a young age. There have been many teenage millionaires as well in this world.

No one should grudge their millions because they have to make a lot of sacrifices to be in that position of wealth today. You might consider them fortunate but they do have to work hard. Therefore they deserve every cent they earn. Let us look at the top 10 richest young actors in the world in 2019. The best part is that all of them are young, rich, and handsome making them the most eligible bachelors in town.

10. Nolan Gould – $7 million

Richest young actor 2019

The No 10 spot goes to the young actor who probably has the highest IQ among all the other actors in this list. Nolan Gould, a New York born actor has been under the arc lights since the age of just 3 years. He used to be a cute young kid at that time. Not many people start earning at the age when he does not even know how to tie his shoelaces. Nolan used to perform in commercial shows. Currently playing a main role in the family show, Modern Family, Nolan has done films like Field of Lost Shoes, Friends with benefits, Good Luck Charlie, etc. It can surprise you that he has an IQ of 150, considered high by any standards. He has the looks, talent, intellect, and the money as well today. With a net worth of $7 million, he opens this list of the top 10 young actors.

9. Jaden Smith – $8 million

Richest young actor

People who have seen Karate Kid will never forget the young and cute Jaden Smith. You can rightly call him as having born with a silver spoon in his mouth because his father is the redoubtable Will Smith. Born in California, Jaden had the right kind of talent as well. One of his idols has been Jackie Chan. He got the chance to work with him as well. That must have been like a dream come true for this Karate Kid. Currently working on Karate Kid 2, Jaden Smith has the right credentials to strike it big in Hollywood and follow his father’s footsteps into stardom. With a net worth of $8 million, he is No 9 in this list.

8. Justin Berfield – $10 million

Richest young actor

You need to have great looks to shine in TV commercials. Justin Berfield is definitely a handsome guy on the block. Making his debut at the age of 5 years, Justin has acted in more than 20 commercials until date. His cute looks made him the favorite of almost all the commercials producers in Hollywood. He got a break in the show ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. One of the few young stars who indulge in charity a lot, Justin is a breed apart. A winner of two major awards, Justin Berfield is worth $10 million at this young age. He occupies the eighth spot in this list.

7. Zac Efron – $18 million

Richest young actor

You can see that the stars in this list have started out very young. Zac Efron made his debut quite late at the age of 11 years mainly because his father asked him to do so. He did not have an idea that he could act well. Suddenly he found himself pitchforked into the limelight as he got opportunities to rub shoulders with the big and mighty actors in Hollywood. His initial popularity was because of his role as Troy in the Disney’s High School musical movie in 2006. Movies like The Lorax and the Luck One followed soon after. His biggest brush with stardom was when he acted alongside Robert De Niro in Dirty Grandpa. A talented young actor, Zac Efron is No 7 in this list with a net worth of $18 million,

6. Michael Cera – $20 million

Richest young actor 2019

To act in commercials is one thing. However, it takes some doing to act in comedy movies at a young age. Canadian born actor, Michael Cera is one such actor who began at a tender age. He is a good musician as well as he released his first album in the year 2014. Usually, actors in Hollywood make excellent voice artists. Michael is no different as he was the voice of Marry in the animated TV show, Sausage Party. His performances have won him recognition in the industry. One can surely expect more to come from this young star. With a net worth of $20 million, Michael Cera stands at the No 6 position.

5. Taylor Lautner – $40 million

Richest young actor

Everyone would have seen the Scooby Doo cartoon series. However, not many people know the voice behind Scooby. The voice belongs to the American born martial arts specialist and actor, Taylor Lautner. Starting out very young with roles in comedy series, he was always a special talent. He got a chance to play the charming werewolf in Twilight. He had to maintain his body perfectly to in the gym to land that role. This became a habit and he developed one of the most attractive bodies in Hollywood. His recent foray into television to work alongside some beautiful women makes him the luckiest guy in this list. He occupies the No 5 spot in this list with a net worth of $40 million.

4. Frankie Muniz – $41 million

Richest young actor

We have one of the most versatile personalities in this list at No 4, Frankie Muniz. In addition to being an actor, Frankie is a musician, driver, producer, and writer. It is difficult to see such a multi talented person at this young age. He became famous because of his role in the FOX TV series, Malcolm in the Middle. He put his acting career on hold for some time to shine as a musician. However, he is back on the same show. Having won a couple of awards, Frankie Muniz has now left the musical band. We do not know where we would be seeing him next. This versatile personality with a net worth of $41 million is No 4 in the list.

3. Rupert Grint – $51 million

Richest young actor

Anyone who has watched the Harry Potter series would never forget Ron, the quintessential side kick to Harry Potter. He has been the closes companion of Harry right since the first part of the movie until the last. Active on the scene since the age of 11 years, Rupert Grint is a talented actor in his own right. He has worked in a lot of English movies subsequent to his stint in the Harry Potter series. He is a great philanthropist as well as he regularly donates a good part of his earnings to help the needy. In addition, he participates in a lot of charity events and walks. With a net worth of $51 million, Rupert Grint is the No 3 actor in this list.

2. Robert Pattinson – $100 million

Richest young actor

Now, we come into the $100 million club. We have the first entrant in this club in the form of British born actor, Robert Pattinson. People still remember him as Edward Cullen in the film, Twilight. He made his debut at the age of just 12 years as a model. Not many people know that Robert Pattinson has acted in a couple of Harry Potter movies in the early part of his career. However, he became famous for his role in Twilight. One of the most handsome faces in Hollywood, he has the reputation of being one of the most influential persons named in the TIME magazine. Now, that is a huge honor for someone so young. With a net worth of $100 million, Robert Pattinson is the No 2 in this list.

1. Daniel Radcliffe – $110 million

Richest young actor 2019

Here we come to the man himself, Harry Potter. Famous for portraying this role in all the versions of the movie, Daniel Radcliffe is the No 1 richest young actor in the world today. As a child actor he had to make huge sacrifices because he had to stay away from his family for long periods. Starting out at the age of 10 years, Daniel Radcliffe started acting as Harry Potter from the age of 11 years. Years of acting as the good man made him experiment playing the bad man in Now You See Me 2. One must say to his credit that he made a terrific villain as well. With a net worth of $110 million, Daniel Radcliffe is the undisputed No 1 in this list.

These actors have given a lot of years of their life to this profession. It is natural for success to go to their heads when one starts raking in the millions at a young age. However, the 10 stars listed here have managed to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. They are worthy of being included in this top 10 list of the richest young actors right now.

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