12 Richest Young Entrepreneurs in The World 2019

You know that you have made it big, when your face is the cover page of every single magazine and newspaper. You must be a true hero, if there is a movie based on the foundation of your brand. With the modern day technology, you can pretty much generate money out of anything, that too without making a big capital investment; and if you have the capital, you are already one step ahead. Our world is filled with talented minds all we have to do is take risks and explore new ideas. Here, is a list of 12 richest young entrepreneur in 2019, ranked on their net worth, stock prices, share holdings etc.

12. Gurbaksh Chahal

Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2019

He is a popular American entrepreneur and author, who have managed to build both these businesses, which are worth $340 million. He was born in India, his family later moved to California. He always had a clear picture of establishing his own business, which led to his dropping out of school at the age of 16. He is the founder and the current CEO of gWallet.

11. Blake Ross

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

The 25 year old American software developer is popular for his contribution to Mozilla Firefox. He has built an empire of over $150 million. Blake is also the co-founder of ‘Parakey’, which was later bought by Facebook. In 2005, Blake was nominated for ‘Rave Award’ by Wired Magazines, next to popular names like Jon Stewart and Larry Page. He is one of the most popular program developers around the world.

10. Matthew Mullenweg

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

Matthew is the founding developer of popular website WordPress, a source used by billions users on a daily basis. Polls apart from his professional career, he attended a performing arts school, where mastered to play Jazz saxophone. He never really planned of becoming a website developer or programmer. He established Automatic in 2005, which a backing forces behind Akismet and WordPress. Matt’s has made over $250 million from his work in the best blog and website program.

9. Andrew Mason

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

He is the founder and CEO of the leading coupon site Groupon/Nearbuy which was established in 2008. The websites releases new Groupons for its customers daily on the website. They pretty much offer coupon discounts for everything from subway meals to electronic goods like laptops etc. Andrew established his business from $1 million which were offered to him by his ex employer. The company started making revenue, only after earning both a steady flow of fortune. His net worth is estimated to around $600 million. More than 20 million online users, take benefit of the services provided by Groupon. They have collaboration with almost every brand, from the most luxurious to any random brand.

8. Evan Spiegel

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

He is probably the richest and youngest self made entrepreneur of 2017-2018. Evan is the co founder, of popular filter photo sharing app Snapchat. He met Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy, the other co-founders of Snapchat during his graduation in University of Stanford. The photo and video messaging apps values over $18 billion today. Evan has built himself a net worth $2.1 billion. All the social media websites like Facebook and Instagram are after Snapchat, trying to one up the company’s by cloning its features and restricted visibility.

7. Brian Chesky

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

Brian is the co founder of peer to peer home service provider Airbnb. With his time in the company he has made over 3.8 billion of net worth. Airbnb is a well established company, which values over $25 billion, and covers over 191 countries. More than 60 million users use their rental services. He has been listed in Times magazine’s 100 most influential people’s pole. He was also tagged as the Presidential Ambassador for global entrepreneurship by former president Obama, for his entrepreneurial skills.

6. Frank Wang Tao

Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2019

He is the CEO and founder of SZ DJI technology, which currently has a net worth of over $10 million. The company specializes in manufacturing consumer drones. Phantom and Mavic are one of the most popular products of the company. He holds 45% stakes of the company, which was founded in 2006. Today they are selling over 500,000 drones annually, dominating 71% of drone market. Their products are used by journalists, film makers like game of thrones and star wars etc.

5. Joe Gebbia

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

The popular online entrepreneur is a designer as well as an investor. He is the co founder of Airbnb. He has managed to build a net worth of over $3.8 billion through his various business endeavors, which is only increasing every day. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, where he met the current CEO of Airbnb. He is the product chief officer in the company, whose offices are spread 190 countries. He is also associated with prominent websites Ecolect and Critbiz. He is amongst the youngest richest entrepreneurs of all time in the world.

4. Nathan Blecharczyk

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

Nathan established his first online marketing company, when he was only in high school. Later he followed his passion for computer, by enrolling sturdy computer science course in Harvard University. He has also spent a couple of years with Microsoft as a program manager. He is collaborating with Gebbia and Chesky, and founded Airbnb together. Currently, the company lists over 3 million homes across 80 countries, where he serves as the chief technology officer.

3. Eduardo Saverin

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

Apart from being the co founder of Facebook, Eduardo is also an angel investor. He currently holds a net fortune worth $7.1 billion. He occupies over 54 million shares in Facebook. He could have been wealthier, if he hadn’t sold half of his Facebook stakes. Apart from Facebook, he has also invested in companies like Jumio and Qwik.

2. Dustin Moskovitz

Richest Young Entrepreneurs

This Facebook co founder is not as popular as Mark Zuckerberg, as he left the company soon after its origin in 2008. He has established his own business named Asana, which works at tackling workplace collaboration problems. Despite being its Beta mode, the company still helps him make a net worth of over $10 billion.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Richest Young Entrepreneurs 2019

A name familiar across multiple households all over the world, is none other than the largest social networking site; Facebook. The American entrepreneur is the CEO and co founder of this very site. Mark’s net worth is estimated to be over $6.9 billion. He currently owns up to 24% shares of the company.

Who doesn’t dream of becoming a billionaire, when they are young? These are a few names of those who worked hard to achieve and fulfill their dreams, and today hold an empire worth billions. Getting so much success at a young age, reflects that there is something exceptional about you, be it God’s grace or your brilliant mind. The men listed above are the world’s youngest, richest kings, who dominate their respective fields. They are creative and bold enough to work on their dreams, which have helped them in creating a net worth of a 10 digit figure.


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