Top 10 Smallest Living Animals On Earth

How would you describe a rabbit the size of your palm? Or a horse small enough to live in your house as a pet? These are just some of the wonders that exist within the universe. While some are natural creations and got their features from nature, others are creations by scientists to help in research. They represent the worlds smallest.

Some are among those considered as endangered species and require conservation efforts to see them through. Others live in areas where humans can barely reach and in such way remain unknown for long.

The list of top 10 smallest living animals on earth below is not a representation of the sizes between species but between breeds of different animals.

10. Bee Hummingbirds

Smallest living animal 2019

With their home in deep forests, bee hummingbirds are among the smallest animals on the planet. Being of the hummingbird species, a full grown bird weighs only 6 g and is only 6 cm in length. Despite their small structure, the birds are very beautiful creatures to watch as they showcase their mix of bright colors with a reflection of the morning sun. also known as Zunzuncito, the birds are currently found within the deep forests and woodlands in South Africa, Cuba, and Switzerland. Owing to its small size and habitation in the deepest forests, this is one among the hardest birds to find but one of the most beautiful in the world.

9. Fennec fox

Smallest living animal

A tiny nocturnal fox, it is one among the smallest animals on earth. With its habitat in African Sahara, the foxes are active more during the night when they hunt for food or move to new locations. They measure only 6 inches in size but are known for their distinctive range of colors. The fennec fox outstanding feature is its very large ears that look oversize compared to its tiny body. Being a nocturnal animal, the fox is hard to find and this is further aggravated by its small size.

8. Paedocypris

Smallest living animal

Known as Paedocypris progenetica, it is the world’s known smallest fish. The fish belongs to the carp family and appears like a tiny larva in water. Just like its size, the fish has a tiny skeleton to support its body. It inhabits areas with high acidic pH water and therefore cannot survive in areas with fresh water. The fish has a beautiful appearance with its tea-like color. Owing to the little prevalence of water bodies with high acidic pH, the fish is not common and this makes it difficult to find. The situation is aggravated by its tiny size and color that nears that of the mud below the waters.

7. Philippine Tarsiers

Smallest living animal

A member of the Tassiidae family the Philippine tarsiers are also among the smallest animals on earth. It is among the current species in the world listed as endangered species owing to its rapid decreasing population. The tarsier is believed to have existed more than 40 million years ago when their numbers were quite high. The main food for this tiny creature includes insects and is among the known primates. To increase awareness on the tarsier, animated movies and features have been introduced as an effort to create and empower conservation measures.

6. Pygmy Marmoset

Smallest living animal

The world’s known tiniest monkey breed is the pygmy marmoset. With a grown marmoset measuring less than 6 inches. Despite their tiny size, the monkeys are known to be extremely active searching for food and playing among troop members. For existence, they feed on leaves, sap from specific trees and a variety of insects. The tiny monkey is prevalent in forests across America and Switzerland. They join the list of the world’s smallest animals in position six and are on the record as being the smallest monkeys. Owing to their tiny structure and vulnerability to predators, the monkeys are not easy to find spending much of their time in hiding while not feeding.

5. Miniature Horse

Smallest living animal 2019

Resembling the normal horses in structure, the miniature horses also join the list of the world’s smallest animals. Despite having the same body structure, they are basically very short when compared to the normal horses measuring only 38 inches at the highest. In the same regard, the weight of the horses is relatively low compared to the normal horses. They are common in most states of Canada, Europe and USA where they are mainly kept as pets and are not used to perform tasks like the normal horses. It is important to note that different breeds of miniature horses are bred and they result in varying heights and weights.

4. Miniature Pig

Smallest living animal

Developed for research purposes, the miniature pigs were predominantly found in Europe before 1980s. The unique breed gained popularity and was later introduced to United States in the 80s before moving to other countries around the world. For years, the tiny pig has been used for research purposes unlike the common breed which are reared for pork. In modern times, it has come to be widely adopted as a pet owing to the prevalent character of the pigs to maintain hygiene. They are also common source of organ transplants alongside research purposes. A full grown miniature pig measures between 16 to 26 inches depending on the breed and the feeding habits.

3. Panda cow

Smallest living animal

As of January 2011, only 24 animals of this breed were known to be in existence. With markings that resemble a giant panda, the cow is not of natural creation but a mutation of a cow. The size and weight of a full grown panda cow are relatively small and cannot compare with normal panda or cattle. The outstanding features of the panda cow include alongside the small size and weight includes a white panda like face containing black marks around the eyes. A whit belt also runs around the animal’s mid-section. Currently the cows are used exclusively for research purposes but with growing popularity, they maybe adopted as pets.

2. Pygmy Rabbit

Smallest living animal

Known to be prevalent on areas of North America, the pygmy rabbit is one of the smallest animals on the planet. A full grown pygmy rabbit is known to weigh less than 400 g. they grow in length up to 29 cm with females acquiring a larger body than the males. Known to live in the wild, the rabbits hide in areas where tall and dense sagebrush grows on deep soils. This uses this as a cover from predators as well as food. Within their areas of habitation a network or runways is created that paves escape routes when predators strike.

1. Golden frog

Smallest living animal 2019

With its full names as Panamanian golden frog, it is one of the smallest and rarest animals to view in the world. As the name suggests, the frog dons beautiful golden yellow color with black marks on its body. Referred to as the endemic toads of USA, the frog is also available in other countries where it is known under different names. Despite being among the smallest animal in the world they also vary in sizes from one frog to the next a factor attributed to habitation. The average size of the golden frog is 9.8 millimeters.

Marvels of nature and progressive research have seen there is a wide variety of amazing creatures in the universe. The list of top 10 smallest animals above does not only consider the small size of the animal but as well those with amazing features. They are a great indication of the great works of nature and the progressing research which is bound to discover even more in the coming days.


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