Top 10 Smartest Animal Breeds in The World 2019

Do you know that animals intelligent? Yes they are, though they may not match the human intelligence, they exhibit a degree of intelligence but in specific areas. Human learn, make decisions, communicate and are self conscious. While researchers consider these to be among the measures of intelligence, these factors are also prevalent in animals.

Research indicates that animals have certain degrees of intelligence that we as humans fail to identify. This explains a number of characteristic that we find in animals including the protective and cool nature of the dog towards its master, the rat’s ability to strike and feed when you have your eyes away from the food and the parrot’s ability to imitate human sound among others. Here is a list of top 10 smartest animal breeds in the world that will amaze you.

10. Ants

Smartest Animal Breeds 2019

Known to be among the smallest animals on earth, ants are also among the ten most intelligent. With their small bodies, they also possess a small brain but one that performs unimaginable wonders. Research indicates that ants started farming 50 million years before the humans. Pioneers of fungus farming, they cultivate fungus on plant leaves that serves as their meal. Ants live in colonies. Despite each colony having thousands of ants, ants can easily identify newcomers who are not members of their colony. They possess a unique chemical identification method that identifies strangers in a colony. When moving, ants follow a pheromone chemical laid by a scout any who is always in the lead hence forming the continuous stretch.

9. Crow

Smartest Animal Breeds

Forming the largest species of birds, crows are also the most intelligent and possess the largest brain among all bird species. Research indicates that crows have capacity to identify human faces. They also use different tools to achieve specific purpose. An example is dropping nuts on traffic lines and hard surfaces to break the husk this gives them access to the inner part they require as food. In certain instances, crows have been identified using pebbles and stones to attack their predators and fight off other birds.

8. Otters

Smartest Animal Breeds

Known to be the smallest sea mammal, otters are among the smartest and playful animals on the planet. In the sea, otters are known to use rocks in search of food. They use them to remove unwanted parts of fish and crabs as they feed. Living in river banks and sea shores, they use intelligence to identify approaching animals. This is done by listening to the vibrations in the water. In this way, they can ascertain the direction of the oncoming animal and its size taking the opportunity to hide in the mud before the predicted danger arrives.

7. Pigs

Smartest Animal Breeds

One of the most domesticated animal, pigs are believed to have more cognitive power than a human child and the dogs. They are considered to be among the animals that consciously observe hygiene this is by the fact they ensure to keep the toilet at furthest possible point from home. Pigs use varying vocalizations to communicate with the others. They also lead a very close social life. They eat, play and sleep very close to each other. This starts at an early age with newborn pigs having an understanding of different cries from the mother and what they are supposed to mean. Their cognitive ability enables a pig to trace its way back home irrespective of the distance between.

6. Octopus

Smartest Animal Breeds

They are the most intelligent among the invertebrates. Octopi have to ability to detect presence of predators and use tricks to hide from the impending danger. When predators approach, the octopus releases a black ink type of fluid which dulls the sense of smell of the predator. In this way, the predator cannot easily locate the place where the octopus is hiding. To avoid being spotted, octopus has ability to change its body shape into many different forms. In such way, the predator is confused and fails to recognize the target. Research indicates that octopi learns from others starting from a tender age ranking them among the best learners among animals.

5. Dog

Smartest Animal Breeds 2019

Considered to be the best human friend, dogs are also very intelligent animals. Research indicates they possess intelligence to a similar degree as a two year old human. They are believed to be the animals possessing the biggest understanding of the human world. With fast learning ability, the dog easily recognizes and responds to commands from its owners. It is considered to have a high understanding and will change reactions depending on the situation at hand. Its most outstanding intelligence feature is the ability to identify millions of different scents.

4. Whales

Smartest Animal Breeds

The biggest aquatic mammals on planet, whales are also of astounding intelligence. They are considered to possess the same level of intelligence as dolphins by their large body size make it difficult to train them. Some whale species are known to have the largest brains among all the living animals. Their outstanding features include ability to communicate with each other through use of complex vocals. They live in social groups travelling and hunting together. They have great imitation ability with beluga whales considered to have the ability to mimic human speech. Known to have spindle cells in their brain, whales are among the animals with the highest cognitive abilities.

3. Elephant

Smartest Animal Breeds

One of the largest animals on the land, the elephant is also known to possess the biggest brain. It is known to be a social and intelligent animal that is among the best and faithful human companion. Elephants live in social families where a bull elephant heads the unit and leads while travelling. Their most outstanding characteristic of intelligence is the ability to express emotions. Elephant show sadness, joy anger and happiness depending on the situation at hand. When one of their own dies, they express sorrow and morning even burying the body. They have capacity to recognize different sounds and respond to them accordingly in some instances even mimicking them.

2. Dolphins

Smartest Animal Breeds

Having been the only marine animal to pass the mirror test, dolphin is considered as the world’s third intelligent animal after the humans and the great ape. They are known to be fast learners understanding commands and having the ability to respond. The unique characteristic of the dolphin is that when asleep, only one side of the brain sleeps and this makes them alert at all times. They can easily detect and respond to danger even when asleep. Like the humans and elephants, dolphins also have ability to express different emotions depending on the situation at hand.

1. Great Ape

Smartest Animal Breeds 2019

Research theories indicate that the human person evolved from the ape. It leads the pack as the most intelligent animal species in the world. In a family that includes apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and baboons, they all possess a number of similar characteristics to human beings. They are the only animals that go beyond mimicking the human sounds with ability to learn and speak. Apes live in families headed by the oldest male and have the ability to use different tools to suit their intention such as using sticks and stones to fight. They have an effective communication ability using different vocal tones to send messages.

Research indicates that animals possess more intelligence than human perceive. They have outstanding capabilities that can only be identified by a closer look at their behaviors. The top 10 animal breeds in the world is a list of the leading animal species with most astounding intelligence and whose intelligence is considered as only degrees below the human intelligence.


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