12 Most Successful Aerospace Companies In India 2019

Envisage a microcosm sans aircraft’s. Sure, the lack of noxious gases and contrails would essentially mean a prolific environment but maybe then people would have never been able to take a hop from one part of the world to another so swiftly.

Not only that, but developments in the aerospace realm have contributed majorly in military aviation, space exploration, and medicine. In fact, even the safety features in your car are a result of aerospace research. India is a major nerve center of aerospace engineering and has made numerous advancements with regards to design and creative configuration.

Fortunately, certain prodigies were able to get their designs off the drawing board and some have reached dizzying heights of eminence. Checkout the top 12 most successful aerospace companies in India in 2019.

12. Exfaq

Best Aerospace Companies in India 2019

Founded in 2010, Exfaq Systems is a fairly new entrant in the Aerospace industry in India. Short for – Expert Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Exfaq is primarily a tech company, offering solutions in four chief domains including Aviation, AV, Telecom, and Surveillance. They’re known for providing top-notch real time flight tracking systems with data entailing essential airliner variables such as speed, altitude, and engine condition.

Their solutions also aid in search and rescue operations. “Falcon”, the flight tracking device, is safe to use, reasonably priced, and extremely portable. Headquartered in Mumbai, the financial hub of India, Exfaq Systems has earned its place in the “20 most promising Aviation & Aerospace Companies in India” list created by CIO Review. Furthermore, the company has also been listed in the Top 30 tech start-ups in India by CNBC TV 18 Tech Spark.

11. Ramco Systems

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Ramco Systems was initially launched as an R&D vertical of Ramco Industries. In 1997, the company was finally incorporated as an independent corporation with headquarters in Chennai, India. Today, Ramco boasts of 22 branches with a strong presence in India, North America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, and Australia.

Currently, the company has over 1600 employees under their wing serving numerous airlines including Malaysia Airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates, Hevilift, Columbia Helicopters, etc. While Ramco Systems have several other verticals, Aviation remains a vertical of paramount importance. The company has designed and developed cutting-edge MRO softwares while getting rid of all the obsolete manual MRO systems in the process, for both, aircrafts and helicopters (commercial as well as military).

10. Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. (TAAL)

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Part of a conglomerate called Indian Seamless Group, TAAL is a private enterprise with headquarters in Pune. The company set the ball rolling in 1994 by partnering with Partenavia to manufacture a twin-piston engine aircraft called the P68C as well as a twin turbo-prop aircraft called the Viator. TAAL has evolved dramatically since then and offers manufacturing as well as maintenance services for both, military and non-military aircrafts. The organisation is well-appointed, housing a 7,500-foot runway and adequate sheds for repairs. Although designing and making Trainer planes remain Taal’s forte, the company has excelled in many other aerospace segments in India.

9. Honeywell Aerospace

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Based out of Arizona, U.S.A, Honeywell Aerospace is a battle-scarred aviation company that was established in 1936, offering leading-edge cockpit and navigation systems, satellite communications, propulsion technologies, wheels and braking systems, connectivity, and safety systems. Honeywell is spread across 70 countries including India. In India, they’ve formed an alliance with Hindustani Aeronautical Limited (HAL) supporting various industry segments including defence, civil aviation, space, and automobile.

8. BAE Systems

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Incorporated in 1999, BAE Systems is a global tech company with headquarters in London, UK. The company operates in over 40 countries including Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the U.S.A. with roughly 82,500 competent representatives serving customers like the Royal Saudi Air Force and the Royal Saudi Navy. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing trainer and combat aircraft and also provides electronic equipment to roughly 170 civil as well as military clients across the globe. Some of their avant-garde systems include power and cabin management, weapon controls, autonomous flight, and flight deck controls.

7. Lockheed Martin

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Lockheed Martin is an American Aerospace company with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. This eminent organisation has a total workforce strength of 97,000 skilled employees who work across various areas such as research, design, development, manufacture, etc. While Lockheed Martin operates in over 70 nations, most of the company’s business comes from the U.S. Department of Defence and U.S. federal government agencies. The company offers solutions in the aeronautical and space industry, and provides missile and fire control systems as well as information systems to their clients. In India, Lockheed Martin’s spin-off, Sikorsky, is well-known for manufacturing top-notch helicopters for both, military and commercial purposes.

6. GE Aviation

Best Aerospace Companies in India 2019

Headquartered in Evendale, Ohio, GE Aviation is one of the big-guns in the Aerospace industry supplying first-rate aircraft engines to commercial and military customers. The company was established way back in 1892 and is part of the well renowned conglomerate, General Electric. In India itself, GE Aviation has already powered close to 450 aircrafts for some of the biggest names in the aviation business in India like Jet Airways. The company has set a benchmark with products that have shown a drastic improvement in fuel efficiency and reliability. The commercial aircraft armada in India is pegged to grow by four times and GE Aviation is all ready to handle the industry’s demands.

5. Defence Research & Development

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Defence Research & Development or DRDO is a subsidiary of Department of Defence Research and Development of Ministry of Defence. The organisation was incorporated in 1958 starting out with only 10 laboratories. Today, DRDO has over 50 laboratories and more than 5,000 scientists plus 25,000 other personnel developing defence technologies entailing various disciplines such as aeronautics, missiles, engineering systems, instrumentation, training, life sciences, combat vehicles, etc. DRDO has been greatly lauded for developing world-class technologies and products including Falcon, Avionics, Kaveri Engine, Lakshya, Light Combat aircraft, and Model based Data Fusion.

4. Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Best Aerospace Companies in India

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Bharat Electronics is a state-owned enterprise that was launched in 1954 starting with a single unit and gradually expanding to eight other cities including Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Panchkula, Kotdwara, Machilipatnam, Pune, Hyderabad, and Ghaziabad. Primarily focusing on developing electronic equipment for the Indian Defence Services, the company has a few civil aviation laurels in its bag of achievements. Bharat Electronics manufactures naval systems, radars, broadcasting, and defense communication systems.

3. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Best Aerospace Companies in India

ISRO is another government owned organisation that was set up in 1972 to espouse space science research and space technology to fill the bill for India. So far, ISRO has successfully executed 87 spacecraft missions and 60 launch missions while flaunting the largest system of indigenous communication satellites known as Indian National Satellite System (INSTAT) as well as a huge network of earth observation satellites called Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites.

2. BrahMos Aerospace Private Ltd.

Best Aerospace Companies in India

BrahMos Aerospace is a company formed as a result of an alliance participation of DRDO and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of Russia, NPO and was launched in 1998, after an Inter-Governmental agreement had been signed between the two nations. The venture’s main focus is on serving defence sector of India. They design, build, and manufacture ultrasonic missiles that are known to hit with absolute accuracy.

1. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL)

Best Aerospace Companies in India 2019

Run by the central government of India, HAL was founded in 1940 with a mission to make high quality aerospace products. The company is regarded as a trailblazer of aerospace industry in India and has earned sundry accolades including the Prime Minister’s “Shram Shree” award and “Foundryman of the Year” in 2010. Today, HAL occupies the 34th position in the list of top hundred defense companies with 19 units, 10 R&D centers in 8 different regions. They manufacture aircrafts and helicopters, and also produce other essential aerospace materials.


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