Top 10 Best & Most Famous IT Companies in India 2019

India is one of the largest and important information technology sector, IT companies are significantly contributes in the GDP of the country. Although there are many IT companies in India but all are not can be considered best or in top ten list. But yes we have prepared a list of top ten best Information technology companies of 2019 which are not only largest but also provide all kinds of IT products and services. In the below information you can see detailed information about the companies.

10. Rolta: (Revenue RS 3899 Crore- Profit RS 165 Crore)

Best IT companies in India 2019

A Rolta technology is an Indian Information technology company that founded in 1989. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Data analysis and image processing solution in the geospatial space is offered by this IT Company. The company has strong client base over 40 countries while it also has 5000 quite strong workforce. This public company is listed on Indian NSE and BSE along with London Stock exchange. Mr. Kamal K Singh is the chairman and managing director of the company. Rolta recently awarded with F&S for best IT solution provider in gas and oil sector. It has been awarded for big data and analytics by the NASSCOM. Rolta has partnership with giants like, Thales, Sap and Oracle. Rolta has both product suite and services, its main products are Rolta OneView, Rolta fusion, GeoCAD, Geospatial suite while services concerned is, Business consulting, IT services, BI & analytics, application development etc.

9. Oracle financial service software Limited: (Revenue RS 3717 Crore- Profit RS 928.85 Crore)

Best IT companies in India

This is a subsidiary company of Oracle corporation. It is considered one of the best Information technology company in India. The product and services of this company is mostly used by the banking and financial industry. It was known as i-Flex in the beginning but after acquisition by oracle it is known as oracle financial services. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Everything was changed in the banking and financial sector after launch of Flex cube software platform. Oracle acquired 83 percent stake in i-Flex and renamed it to current name. Its various sub parts like, direct banking, private banking, core banking and investor banking. This company also offers products for Compliances, enterprise risk management, KYC, OFSS, CRM etc.

8. Larsen and Toubro: (Revenue: Rs 5847.06 Crore- Profit: Rs 803.1 Crore)

Best IT companies in India

L&T is one of the largest brand name when it comes to industrial and manufacturing areas. It has very strong presence in Indian IT market and day by day it growing rapidly fast. L&T was owned by the Larsen and Toubro and founded in 1938 almost 79 year ago it was founded by the Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Sanjay Jalon serves as the CEO of L&T. the presence of the company worldwide such as, In Australia, UK, US, middles east, Europe etc. The main products of the company is, shipbuilding, power, electrical equipments, heavy equipments while services is concern, Financial services, IT services, real estate construction. It also provides its IT services in various areas like, application management, analytics, infrastructure management, system integration, consulting etc. L&T also have alliances with IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

7. Mphasis

Best IT companies in India

Mphasis is a reputed Indian Information technology company that is founded in June 2000 by the Jerry Rao and Jareon Tas. Its headquarters is in Bangalore, India. Application outsourcing and infrastructure technology services are provided by the company. Company also provides development and integration, architecture guidance and application management services. It serves in sectors like, telecom, financial services, technology industries and logistics. It has 7th ranked by fortune India 500 in 2001. Insurance and enterprise, banking and finance, media, retail energy and manufacturing are served by the company. It has worldwide presence and maximum offices in Indian cities like, Baroda, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai etc.

6. Mindtree: (Revenue: Rs 4689.6 Crore-Profit: Rs 603.3 Crore)

Best IT companies in India

Mindtree is an Indian information technology company that founded in 1999. With the strength of 16000 employees it has global presence. It is Bangalore based IT company. K Natrajan is the CEO of the company. Various sectors are served by the Mindtree such as, capital markets, banking solution, retail media, semiconductor, manufacturing etc. It also provides IT related services such as, infrastructure management, application development and maintenance, IT consulting, Analytics, independent testing, application services etc. company also focusing on newer technologies like, cloud, mobility and big data. This is one of the trusted IT Company which has presence in the world.

5. Tech Mahindra: (Revenue: Rs 25727.2 Crore- Profit: Rs 2693 Crore)

Best IT companies in India 2019

Tech Mahindra limited is an information technology and multinational networking solutions and business process outsourcing company. It was founded in 1986 and it’s headquarter is in Pune, India. Anand Mahindra is the founder and chairman of the company. Various vertical fields are served by the tech Mahindra such as, MFG, sports, BFSI, communication, public sector etc. The company has solid partnership with other IT companies like, SAP, Oracle, Saleforce, Pega etc. According to Forbes it is one of the Fab 50 companies in Asia. On 25 June 2013 Tech Mahindra announced the merger with Mahindra Satyam.

4. HCL technologies: (Revenue: Rs 40527.5 Crore- Profit: Rs 7267 Crore)

Best IT companies in India

HCL technologies limited is an Multinational Indian information technology company that founded by the Shiv Nadar on 11 August 1976 almost 40 years ago. It is Noida Based company and its headquarter is also situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. HCL is known as Hindustan computers Limited which offers services like, remote infrastructure management, consulting, business process outsourcing, Research and development, enterprise transformation etc. Worldwide area served by the HCL, it conduct operation in 34 countries including European countries and United States. Its operates across a number of sectors such as, automotive, energy and utilities, aerospace and defense, government, financial services, banking solutions, consumer electronics, public services, logistics, transportation, media and entertainment, life and sciences, healthcare, server and storage, travel and telecom, semiconductor and hospitality.

3. Wipro: (Revenue: Rs 45096.4 Crore- Profit: Rs 8099 Crore)

Best IT companies in India

Wipro Limited is known as Western India Palm Refined oils limited is an Information technology company which was founded by Mohamed Hasham Premji on 29 December 1945 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Worldwide area is served by the company while it deals in IT services, business consulting, business process outsourcing, and digital strategy, communications, BFSI, healthcare and life science, consumer business unit, manufacturing and technology, energy, natural resources and utilities etc. It is one of largest IT Company in India which believes that if right opportunities are worked on at right time, one can accomplish success.

2. Infosys: (Revenue:Rs 65569 Crore- Profit: Rs 18982 Crore)

Best IT companies in India

Infosys is an Indian multinational company that provides information technology, business consulting and outsourcing services. It was founded by the N. R. Narayana Murthy, S Gopalkrishnan, S.D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh and Ashok Arora on 7th July 1981. Its headquarters is in electronic city, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is considered second largest IT Company by 2016 revenues. It is also one of the most popular brand names in India. Today it is 9.12 billion dollar company which makes it stand out in the world when it comes to top IT companies. With the strength of 194000 employees it holds strong very solid position in the world and growing on a very fast scale. Some its subsidiaries are, Skava, Infosys BPP, Infosys public services, Infosys consulting. It has 100 development centre and 85 sales and marketing offices across the world.

1. TCS: (Revenue: Rs 107542.5 Crore- Profit: Rs 23972 Crore)

Best IT companies in India 2019

Tata consultancy services limited is an multinational IT consulting and business solution organisation. It was founded by the famous J.R.D Tata, F.C Kohli in 1968. This is one of the best information technology companies in India which also has presence in other countries as well. its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It operates in 46 countries and subsidiaries of Tata Group. This is also one of the biggest IT Company in the world; with the strength of 350000 employees it holds very strong position in the world including India. All type of industries are served by this company such as, Retail, Energy, aerospace and defence, government, financial services, banking solutions, consumer electronics, public services, logistics, transportation, media and entertainment, life and sciences, healthcare, server and storage, travel and telecom, semiconductor and hospitality.

From the above discussion we came to know that without the support of IT companies Indian market cannot grow faster as there are direct relation between GDP and IT companies. IT companies providing their services almost in every area in the country and contributing in the GDP of the country. Through the article we got to know about top ten IT companies which are not largest in India but also in the world.


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