Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2019

Health care is one of the most sought after services in the modern times. The rising cases of chronic illnesses is aggravating the situation. Millions are seeking attention to learn of their prevailing situation and ascertain if they are victims of the chronic illnesses while others are seeking actual treatment.

Treatment for varying health problems comes at cost. This is determined by a number of reasons that include the mode of treatment required, the facility offering the service and the type of medication prescribed among others. This means there is a great variation in the cost of treatment. Some health conditions will cost more when compared to others. Here is a list top diseases with most expensive treatments 2019.

10. Stroke

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2019

One of the health conditions with rising prevalence. Stroke is a costly condition to treat. The most probable cause for stroke is lack of adequate supply of blood to the brain. With the reduced supply, oxygen and other required nutrients in the brain are limited in supply leading to failure or slowing down of the brains functioning. This affects the entire central nervous system and eventually lack of functions in some parts of the body. Ascertaining the cause of stroke is the most important factor in treatment. It is an expensive process that entails treatment of the cause and the condition itself. On average, stroke treatment is likely to cost not less than $61,000.

9. Hemophilia

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

One of the most dangerous conditions, Hemophilia is a life threatening condition. It results from a genetic disorder which is normally inherited between generations. People suffering from this condition have difficulty in clotting of the blood. A condition related to a disorder in the x chromosomes, it is a common condition that can affect all races across the globe. Affected persons suffer from lack of blood clot. This means a simple cut can bleed for days if urgent measures are not in place. Treatment for this condition is a long medical process that entails numerous procedures to correct the deficiency. Approximately $200,000 is required for treatment of this condition.

8. Heart attack

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

His is one of the deadliest conditions with most fatalities on the globe. It results from an interruption of blood supply to the heart and eventually the supply of the blood to the whole body is affected. Failure of the heat muscles or blockage on the arteries are among the known leading causes of the condition. Patients suffering from the condition suffer chest pains, shortness of breath, and sweating among other symptoms. While this is a condition that can easily be controlled through regular exercises and intake of a proper diet. When the disease strikes, approximately $100,000 is required to treat the condition.

7. Coronary Artery Disease

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

This is a condition that mostly affects patient with mild heart diseases. The condition is marked by arrival of a plague on the inner walls off the heart’s arteries. When this happens, the flow of blood is limited to and form heart. Common causes of this problem include increased cholesterol levels, lack of exercises, obesity and over use of drugs. When the condition arises, adequate treatment is required failure to which the condition might result to a heart attack among other complications. There are treatment options available and these are quite costly. It costs approximately $75,000 for full treatment of the conditions.

6. Neonate

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

This is a condition that affects new born babies born with sicknesses and diseases. While there are facilities to detect the condition of the baby during pregnancy, not all health conditions are easily ascertained. Lack of direct treatment methods to the baby also increases the prevalence of the condition. While the condition can be treated, it is an expensive procedure that requires corrosive amounts of money. The situation may be further aggravated by premature birth that means the baby is underdeveloped and with low immunity and strength. In a process that increases the survival chances of the newborn, an estimated $101,000 is required for full treatment.

5. End stage renal disease

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2019

When renal problems prevail for a long period of time, renal functions fail continually over the years and this result in End-Stage Renal disease. Otherwise referred to as the fifth stage of the condition, I t is at this stage when the patients suffers the most. Some of the conditions that result to this condition include the patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. When this condition hits, the patient is required to have at least $173,000 to access full treatment for the condition.

4. Respiratory Failure

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

The human body taken in oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide. These two gases are important parts of life but only when they are available in different proportions. When either of these proportions fails, the body results in to an extensive condition of failure in some of the basic areas including the brain. Intensive care is required for persons suffering from this condition. Treatment involves provision of adequate amounts of the air required alongside determination and treatment of the lead cause of the condition. Common causes include pulmonary dysfunction, cardiac dysfunction, fatigue, drugs intoxication and neurological diseases. The cost of treatment is estimated to be in excess of $314,000.

3. Transplant

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

Some of the important organs in the body include the heart, kidney, liver and lungs. Damage or infection to these vial organs can be fatal to nay person. When no treatment options are available, transplant remains as the best and convenient option for majority. This entails seeking for a donor or a reserve organ from a compatible source and replacing the one in the body. In one of the most complicated processes, transplants require colossal amounts of money. However, the organ being transplanted, source of the new organ and the location of the services are factors that affect the cost of the transplant. On average, the lowest cost for a transplant is $51,000.

2. HIV

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

This is considered as one of the most deadly conditions in the world. The condition arises from infections through various forms that include blood donations, injections and sexual fluid among others. The life threatening condition requires adequate funds for its treatment. While the disease may not full be treated, treatment offers the patients to survive for extended periods in some instances in excess of 15 years. To treat this condition $380,000 is required.

1. Cancer

Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments 2019

One of the most common conditions with high prevalence, it is also among the most expensive to treat. In modern times, there are over 200 different types of cancer all which require different approaches in treatment. The disease known to have various stages is also affected in costs depending on the stage in which the patient is. Symptoms range depending with the type of cancer the patient is suffering from. While patients stand full recovery in early stages of the conditions, in the late stages, chances of survival are minimal and the treatment options required are also extremely expensive. The cheapest treatment of cancer is estimated to cost in excess of $50,000.

Health care is import. With better health, one is able to attend to other responsibilities of life alongside living happily. The cost of treatment is however one of the biggest hindrances in seeking for the desired treatment. The top 10 diseases with most expensive treatment are among the most prevalent conditions that normally require specialized treatment to rid of the condition. However, there are different options available that enhance a reduction of costs such as insurance coverage hence this should not be a pointer to cause panic among patients


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