Top 10 Most Popular & Best Websites For Kids 2019

Internet is a powerful tool which can transform the lives of its users. Nowadays almost every person has the access to internet which allows them to discover many new things, explore the different places, culture, traditions, learn new languages, projects etc. Internet is useful in every aspects of our life.

Not only adults, younger generation is also inclined towards the internet. But along with useful information, internet also gives information and data which can have negative impact especially on the young minds. Hence it is very important to analyse which websites can be useful for the kids and do not affect them in negative manner. Here, we are providing the information about the top 10 websites designed especially for the kids in 2019 which can also be useful for the parents:

10. CBeebies:

Best Websites For Kids 2019

Is a website and channel launched by BBC television network to provide learning through play to kids aged 6 or under; in a safe environment. This website was launched in 2002. It got many awards including “Best Pre-School Live Action Series” at BAFTA Children’s Awards. Its channel is among the most watched channel in the world. The website and channel offers many programmes which inculcate the activity of arts and crafts and many shows like Alphablocks, Numberjacks, and Melody etc. which gives the learning opportunities to the kids especially to those who do not attend pre-school.

9. Haring Kids:

Best Websites For Kids

It is a very interactive website for the kids. It was started by Keith Haring, an art lover and artist who loved to draw from the very young age. He loved art and children and because of these two loves, he started this website to provide fun, interactive and colourful learning environment to the kids where they can learn while having fun. The website provides the platform for the children to share their stories, learn about others. It offers e-colouring book which allows the young children to draw and colour, it not only allows them to learn about different colours but also expands their horizon within the boundary of the house. The website also offers educational programmes which have been gathered from Museums and educational institutions and also allows the children to take and submit projects on various subjects. Haring Kids also offers more than 200 lesson plans for the kids to learn and grow.

8. Ask Kids:

Best Websites For Kids

Is secure and safe search engine designed especially for the kids and adolescents. On this websites, content suitable as per the age of the children can be found with an appropriate language. In this search box, the information is filtered and generated which is suitable for the kids. Unlike other search engines, it has been made to cater the needs of the younger audience. It gives the correct information perfect for the kids without troubling the parents.

7. How Stuff Works:

Best Websites For Kids

It is an American educational website designed with an aim to give insight into the process and methods of how things work. It gives the sneak peek into the Encyclopaedia with illustrations and clear text. It also explains the complex concepts, mechanism and terminologies with the help of animation, illustrations, photographs, and videos etc. which increase the understanding and learning abilities among the children of all ages.

6. K2xl:

Best Websites For Kids

This website offers Series of flash games like Yofi, Stick World, Psychopath, Boomshine, Obechi and others suitable for the kids. This site has been designed by Atlanta based game developer- Danny Miller. All these games are interesting and offers great way to learn new tactics, methods and way to approach and deal with new situations.

5. Habbo:

Best Websites For Kids 2019

Is social networking site designed especially for teens. It is owned and managed by Finnish Corporation since 2000 when it began their operation. The website gets more than 5 million visitors every month who are between 13 to 18 years of age. The website has been designed in a very unique manner, it allows its users to create their own Habbo Character, meet new friends, design their own hotel rooms, organise the parties and functions, play games, and look after the virtual pets and many more interesting functions like these. It has captured the interest of the young children. The best thing about this website is that it is completely safe and secure for the children.

4. Switch Zoo:

Best Websites For Kids

This is a very interesting website for the kids of 3 to 6 years. It helps in providing the interesting platform for learning about the animals. In this websites, children can play animal games, solve puzzles, make new animals by switching the body parts of different animals, join the zoo quest and listen to the music and sound produced by each animal. This way, children can learn each and every aspect of different animals like their habitat, sounds, diet, predators, threats, scientific names etc.

3. Nickelodeon:

Best Websites For Kids

Is an American website as well as a channel for kids owned by Viacom Media Networks. It has two segments which focus on the two age groups; 0-7 and 8-17. It has different programmes to cater the needs of these 2 age groups. The website and also the channel offer cartoons, educational programmes, animated series, live-action serials, comedy shows, movies etc. Its aim is to provide knowledge to the kids with fun activities which will help in retaining the information for the longer durations.

2. Funology:

Best Websites For Kids

Is the website designed to learn about the science while having fun. Along with science lessons, the website also offers games, recipes, magic tricks, jokes and other stuff liked by the children. Children can learn to cook easy and delicious recipes, perform magic tricks, solve science projects, play new games and perform many more activities. All these activities help in the overall growth of the children.

1. Top Mark:

Best Websites For Kids 2019

This is a great website which is designed to help the children in solving their homework queries. It’s a fun website which features interesting games and resources which helps the kids of different age group to learn maths, science, History, English and other subjects. It’s a great method to teach kids with the help of games. This inculcates fast learning, longer retaining duration and more curiosity to learn and explore among the kids of all age groups.

All the above mentioned websites are very useful in increasing the learning powers of the kids. The list has been made with precision and hard work, it included all the necessary activities and programmes which affect the learning of children in a positive manner. All these 10 websites are providing some or the other useful purpose to the children and helping in increasing their mental abilities along with social etiquettes and moral values. These websites were created with the aim to educate the children of all age with the help of colourful, fun, engaging and interactive platform.


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