Top 10 Most Tough Dangerous Jobs in The World

Have you ever thought which the most dangerous job in the world is? From the analysis of data produced by labour departments and occupational health and safety departments in many countries in the world they point out that some jobs on offer carry with them some ominous threats.

So the question what makes a job dangerous and potentially fatal? Well there are number of factors such as physical demands of work, environmental conditions, work stations conditions, location of the job, characteristics of equipment’s involved and many other factors.

The below jobs have been analysed and concluded that they are the most dangerous jobs in the world considering fatality rates and injury and illness rates.

10. Construction labourer

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs 2019

Construction may be a good job that pays well but the risks are too high. The construction industry all over the world has the most fatal occupational injuries that any other since it registers more deaths than any other occupation. The reason why construction is so dangerous is because the workers are at risks of crane accidents, welding accidents, trench collapses or cave ins, getting struck by materials or debris, electric shock, burn from fires, explosions, falling from dangerous heights, handling and moving heavy materials among other risks. Although some of these risks can be evaded construction still proves and records the high number of deaths.

9. Corrections officer

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

Being a correction officer it’s your duty to oversee inmates in jails and prisons and make sure they follow the rules in their confinement. The world at general don’t know how stressful it is being a law enforcement officer and risks that come with it. These officers usually have challenges that can be categorised in three ways one is their health, two their safety and three their wellness.

Officers usually face a lot of stress and anxiety at work which is brought about by the intensity environment within the prison. A correction officer has to deal with inmate’s fights, riots, exposure to sharp objects, cold stress, heat stress, fire hazards, communicable diseases and infections, and emotional stress from the hail of insults they receive from inmates. All these direct and indirect risks make a correction officer job one of the top 10 dangerous jobs in the world.

8. Emergency medical technician

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

Being an emergency medical technician can be a very good career especially when it comes to the payday but the risks and dangers associated with it makes it one of the most dangerous jobs in the emergency medical technician usually face some dangers such as they may be forced to get a patient in a hostile area or in a very dangerous environment.

They usually travel in ambulances and as you know an ambulance usually has to over speed and as you know ambulances have the highest fatal crashes in the world. Since they usually work with patients who are extremely ill or have been involved in extreme life threatening dangers they may contract the illness while transporting the patients.

7. Farmer

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

Farming has been categorised as a very dangerous profession in many nations in the world according to the data from the occupational health and safety departments in many nations of the world. The reason why farming is very dangerous occupation is because farmers usually handle machinery and equipment which in most cases accidents do occur and worse deaths. They also have to deal with agriculture chemicals which when inhaled for a long time they tend to have long term negative effects on one’s health.

Agriculture also involves handling livestock’s which at times since they are animals may cause injury to their master. The heat, and the cold season a farmer has to endure every day and the emotional stress they face maybe from the disappointments of their yields due to calamity such as famine or deaths of their animals. This job might even be the most dangerous of them all.

6. Fishers and related fishing workers

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

As much as seafood is one of the most tasty meals you can have the fisher usually has got one of the most dangerous job around the world. Many fishers even though they are good predictors of the weather patterns sometimes their instincts lie to them and the consequences they face with the wrath of nature are fatal. Accidents such as capsizing of the boats are common due to rogue waves, heavy rains, and icy decks. Don’t forget that the sea and oceans are a habitat of one of the most dangerous animals such as the jelly fish, the shark, stone fish, and whales among others and when you’re on their way the consequences are very predictable.

5. Firefighter

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs 2019

These are the people who pull people from burning cars, buildings, put out fires and overall ensure everyone’s safety .most people who admire the firefighter job only have facts about the positive side of it like a good pay and the few times you will be required to report to work but here are the negatives.

Firemen usually get fatal burns when caught up in burning buildings and inhalation of dangerous smokes can lead to death. This normally happens when their equipment’s fail them. They also experience falls which are as a result of collapsing of building without warning. They are also at a higher risks of developing testicular and prostate cancer since they are exposed to benzene, chloroform, carcinogenic chemicals and other chemicals.

4. Veterinarian

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

It’s one of the most fulfilling jobs and rewarding as well but that doesn’t mean it’s not among the most dangerous jobs. Some of the risks associated with becoming a vet are; you are prone to animal attacks since not every animal is friendly. Infections from deadly diseases and parasitical infections are imminent. Being a vet you are exposed to chemical hazardous such as hazardous drugs, insecticides, aesthetic gases and disinfectants. Other risks are ergonomic hazards and x-ray exposure.

3. Nursing assistant

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

Also called nurse aide these are the medical practitioners who are involved with the task of carrying patients, help patients bathe, dress patients feed patients and evaluate vital signs in a patient. From this job description you can conclude that the job is very physical demanding and involves several potential risks. Since these nurses are usually get to touch a patient body fluid they put themselves in the risk of contracting hepatitis C, hepatitis B, immunodeficiency virus and other fatal diseases.

Since nurses have to involve themselves with physical activities such as turning patients in bed, getting them in wheel chairs, help them walk and other physical activities they usually tend to develop back injuries. Exposure to hazardous materials involved in their line of work also put them at risks of contracting diseases. All these risks makes a nursing assistant job a very dangerous one even though the pay is good.

2. Truck driver

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs

Being a truck driver is a very dangerous job but not many people know this. These people usually get involved in very fatal accidents not even when driving because they are usually very alert but when they are not on the wheel especially during loading and offloading hazardous materials that’s when they have cuts and bruises since the alert mode is not there.

A truck driver usually spends most of his or her life behind the while, they don’t have time to work out or eat a balanced diet so they tend to develop back pain injuries, obesity and other lifestyle diseases such as being diabetic. Stress also is part of their problem especially to long distance track drivers who take months or several days before they get to see their families again. In other hostile countries don’t forget they have to also deal with thieves and the hostile climate.

1. Police officer

Most Tough Dangerous Jobs 2019

A law enforcement career in every part of the world is one of the most dangerous jobs irrespective of the protective clothing and the fact that they own a gun. The fact that there is always a bad person out there willing to commit a crime and knows that a police officer exists that alone makes it a dangerous job. The biggest threat to a police officer career is the criminals who are willing to live and in order to do so they must kill an officer who tries to arrest them or kill them as well.

Another danger police officers face is traffic accidents since they must be involved in high speed chases with criminals which doubles their chances of being involved in an accident. The physical rigorous training a police officer is involved in it’s not something many recruits endure. Stress job fatigue, poor sleeping habits, suicide and other risks all come with the job of being a law enforcement officer.

This list should not deter you from pursuing any career of your dream here. Remember that all careers in the world none is the most safest and there will be always life threatening risks associated with every type of job. So just look at the positive side of every career since someone has to do the job anyway.


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