15 Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Tourism – the industry which appeals to our curious minds, the only industry that caters to one’s cravings of exploring and discovery. It creates millions in revenue and thousands of jobs. In fact, quite a few countries survive on tourism revenue.These are countries blessed with a great climate and exceptional natural beauty, they have been on the tourist map for long enough hence making them as identifiable as brands.

Here we will be looking at the top 15 countries which have tourism as their major economic activity. A major part of the list comprises of islands gifted with bountiful beauty and diverse flair and fauna which will definitely revitalise the minds of the visitors. Please don’t forget to leave the place just like it was when you cast your eyes upon it.

15. Tanzania

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Tanzania is known for its wildlife resorts namely the Serengeti National Park which houses the Big Five games. This East African country is also home to the Kilimanjaro National Park which has Africa’s highest mountain. Tanzanian tourism contributes about 13 % of the country’s GDP and 12% of the total jobs.

14. Turks and Caicos

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Turks and Caicos are British Over Seas territory located South East of Bahamas. It is an archipelago comprising of 40 coral islands. The island is famous for its 14-mile barrier reef which is a Scuba diving site, the underwater sites around the archipelago are quite famous and also includes 2134 meter underwater wall.

13. US Virgin islands

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

The US Virgin Islands is a part of the USA located in the Carribean. The island is known for its relaxed beaches and colonial architecture. Snorkeling and scuba diving are an integral part of the tourist experience also included are the numerous wildlife and nature reserves, nightlife and Museums.

12. The Cayman Islands

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

The Cayman Islands comprise of three islands and are located in the western Carribean Sea. The island is famous for its snorkeling and scuba diving sites. Cayman also packs a surprise for the wildlife enthusiast. The travel and Tourism industry contributes to at least 13% of the GDP.

11. St. Lucia

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

St. Lucia is a treasure trove of natural beauty. The country derives about 13.8% of its GDP from Travel and Tourism. The island is a trekking paradise with rain forest trails leading to hidden waterfalls. The island is also famous for its volcanic beaches, reef diving, and fishing villages.

10. Bermuda

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Bermuda is an island located in the North Atlantic Sea and is a British Island Territory. Tourism contributes to about 15 % of the GDP and a large share of the workforce. The island is famous for its pink beaches and balmy turquoise waters which make it an ideal location for diving, water sports etc.. The islands also attract history buffs thanks to its Forts, Museums and art galleries. Bermuda also showcases cultural diversity which includes North American, African, Portuguese and West Indian influences.

9. Fiji

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands located. in the south pacific. The country is highly reliant on tourism for its revenue which is about 17% of the total GDP and directly employs about 40,000 people. Fiji is renown for its coral reefs, clear lagoons and also its palm-lined beaches. The general landscape in Fiji is rugged.

8. Antigua and Barbuda

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Antigua and Barbuda are Carribean islands of exceptional beauty. Travel and Tourism contribute to about 18% of the total GDP. Antigua and Barbuda are made up of two main islands and multiple smaller islands. The islands are known for their resorts, reef-lined beaches, and Rainforests.

7. Bahamas

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Tourism accounts for 22% of the GDP of Bahamas and also employs about 30% of the workforce. The Bahamas are coral islands and the archipelago comprises of 700 islands of various sizes in the Carribean. The island has multiple snorkeling and scuba diving sites like Andros Barrier reef, Thunderball Grotto, and Black-coral gardens. The island is a favorite among the Americans.

6. Anguilla

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Anguilla is a British overseas territory and is an island country. Tourism contributes a healthy 24% of the employment opportunities. The coastal line boasts of beaches with varying features from long sandy ones to caves which can be accessed only by boats. The island is famous for its beaches. Anguilla also has multiple protected sites for the Flora and Fauna enthusiast. Anguilla is located in the Carribean.

5. Seychelles

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Seychelles is an island country which derives at least 25% of its GDP from Travel & Tourism the industry also employs about 27% of the total workforce. Seychelles being an archipelago of 115 islands is renown for its beaches and coral reefs. Seychelles is located on the East Coast of Africa.

4. French Polynesia

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

French Polynesia is a pacific archipelago which comprises of over 100 islands. This overseas collectivity of France is renown for its coral-fringed lagoons and over the water bungalows also famous are the black and white sand beaches, waterfalls and the rugged mountains. The travel and tourism industry accounts for about 25% of the total GDP.

3. The British Virgin Islands

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

The British Virgin islands in the Carribean is part of the British Over Seas Territory. This volcanic archipelago is known for its reef-lined beaches making it an important yachting destination. The island’s tourism industry contributes about 27.1% of the GDP and employs 32% of the total workforce.

2. Aruba

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

Aruba is a small Carribean island which is a sovereign state under the Netherlands. ITs located off the coast of Venezuela. The tourism industry contributes to about 26.5% of the GDP and employs about 29.9% of the total workforce. The blond beaches of Aruba are well known so are the sloped Dvi-Dvi trees.

1. Macau

Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

This small country is a tourism hotspot with more than half its total population being associated with the industry. Macau is known for its gambling establishment and you can gamble away your next vacation without any guilt for your money is making a huge difference to the local community. Macau is located on the south coast of China and is close to Hong Kong.

This list is a testimony to the fact that responsible tourism can bring sustainable progress. The tourists who visit add economic value and also help the locals expand their world view and in-turn the countries spend heavily on tourism infrastructure. These countries being tourism focused are in fact a pleasure visit because the life and work of a majority of the locals circulate around the tourism industry hence making the foreign exchange brought in by the tourists of high relevance.


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